Jennifer Love Hewitt Glitters Her Genital With Expensive Crystal

Jennifer Love Hewitt

During 'Lopez Tonight' show, Jennifer Love Hewitt reveals that she has decorated her genital with a dash of bling, calling it 'vajazzling.'

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt regularly gives her genitals a sparkly makeover - by decorating her "precious lady" with expensive crystals. The "Ghost Whisperer" star first experienced the wonder of the vaginal glitter when a friend offered to add a dash of bling to cheer her up after a love split - and now she regularly adds a sparkle before going out to attend events, parties and launches.

She explains, "It's called 'vajazzling'. After a break-up, a friend of mine Swarovski-crystalled my precious lady and it shined (sic) like a disco ball... Women should 'vajazzle' their vajay-jays (vagina)."

Hewitt confessed she was wearing the bling during her appearance on chat show "Lopez Tonight" on Tuesday, January 12: "I am currently vajazzled... It's cute." Asked if boyfriend Jamie Kennedy likes her sparkled vagina on the TV show, the actress quipped, "I've had no complaints."



    Apr 19, 2013

    Bobbing that possum nose would be better. She needs to learn the difference between her vulva and vagina. Ouch; that glitter would be painful in there. Wonder how it impacts her 'partners' or her self-service?

    Jan 18, 2010

    Daayymn id chew on dat vagina n take dem crystals home wit me mmm mmm

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