Shavo Odadjia Says System of a Down Will Have 2010 Reunion

January 13, 2010 06:45:46 GMT

After having a hiatus since 2006, System of a Down are said to return in 2010 after the band's bassist Shavo Odadjia writes on his Twitter page, 'Are u (sic) guys ready for System???'

Shavo Odadjia Says System of a Down Will Have 2010 Reunion
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Heavy rocker Shavo Odadjia has given fans hope of a 2010 System of a Down reunion, four years after the band last rocked out together. System of a Down has been on hiatus since 2006 and frontman Serj Tankian has used his time away from the group to launch a solo career.

But the bassist has hinted the stars are due to reunite and make a comeback. In a cryptic post on his page, Odadjia teases, "Are u (sic) guys ready for System???" The band's last album, Hypnotize, was released in November 2005.

System of a Down released their debut album "System of a Down" in 1998. Their first single "Sugar" had earned the band a success as it became a radio favorite. Their second album "Toxicity" was outed in 2001.


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posted by shiraz on Nov 28, 2010
ˇˇˇˇ damn yeah!
posted by seibertr on Oct 08, 2010
they are the one band I MUST see before I die!!!!
posted by s.o.a.d.4.evr on Sep 16, 2010
they better get back togeter or ima flip out
posted by Show your inner Emo on Sep 08, 2010
Hope i get a ticket for your consert LONG live SERJ TANKIAN!!!!!
posted by Artiel Gonzalez on Sep 08, 2010
Damn you guys im so fucking exited for SOAD to re-join ive been listening to your music sense sugar came out i changed from cacaroach to SYSTEM OF A DOWN
posted by dada on Sep 05, 2010
System of a Down.. please.. rejoin!!
posted by c\'monwtf on Aug 31, 2010
I'm so mad I didn't see them play in 2006. Soad needs to get back together before i start beating cute and adorable baby animals!
posted by LELORD on Aug 28, 2010
posted by SOAD RULES on Aug 17, 2010
COME ON YOUGUYS you fucking rock ass your fans love you and you wont get together one more time it would be the best my name is nathenial and i will be there no matter what you guys rule everyone loves you im a rap kinda guy and i switched over to rock when i heard you your famous all over the world
posted by SOAD RULES on Aug 17, 2010
posted by I dont give a fxck(: on Jul 28, 2010
Ahh fukk soad better get togetheror else(:
posted by Bryan on Jul 20, 2010
siiiiiiiiiiiii espero eso cn ansias pero no a pasado nada pero en octubre se juntan
posted by kyran on Jun 03, 2010
comon man you guys are awsome
posted by serj is god on May 07, 2010
they need to hury the hell up and make some new music
posted by reading2001 on Apr 05, 2010
posted by soad!!!!!!!!!! on Mar 09, 2010
they will rock again,it will be some time soon,serj wolt fail us,
posted by soadsoda on Mar 06, 2010
I hope they really rock together again!
posted by S.O.A.D 4 evr on Mar 06, 2010
i hope they get back 2gether soon there like the most awesomeness band EVR
posted by I luv SOAD on Mar 01, 2010
Oh please i so hope they rejoin! they rock! so talented!! Tanya.
posted by ba-stein from morocc on Feb 27, 2010
posted by kyleSOAD on Feb 20, 2010
im thinking around nov. they will come back cuz serj has solo record jazz thing and shvo is in the rap peice of SH*T. while daron and john r no longer with scars but notice how they all had sumthing to do after hiatus? now daron and john are done so now we wait for shavo and serj to be done with their stuff and BOOM SOAD!
posted by SOAD 4 ever on Feb 14, 2010
i think they are back I LOVE SOAD!!!<33333
posted by S.O.A.D. Demon on Feb 04, 2010
posted by sbifsuigsaf on Jan 25, 2010
system might be reuniting but shavo on his twiitwer has replyed with i was not hinting about system he was asking if we was ready
posted by Lilpatgon on Jan 21, 2010
Wow system of a down. After just hearing them, and knowing what their about, it enlightens me to know, that all the hope for one of the best bands to get back together. It is not a lost cause, it is a new oppurtinity.
posted by S.O.A.D. 4 LIFE on Jan 19, 2010
Cant wait for s.o.a.d. to get back together

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