Ray J Insists He Is Not Gay

January 13, 2010 02:27:20 GMT

After a woman named Monica Danger claimed Ray J was a gay, the singer blasts the allegation, saying that she did it because she's mad.

Ray J Insists He Is Not Gay
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R&B singer Ray J has come forward to set straight rumors he is gay - insisting the stories were started by a snubbed contestant on his reality TV dating show. Monica Danger, who appeared on his VH1 series "For the Love of Ray J", sparked speculation about the star's sexuality in a recent radio interview, alleging Ray J has been dating rapper Young Buck.

She said, "Ray J's gay. Ray, I love you, I respect you, but you are selling me everywhere. Ray J's lover of years is Young Buck. I'm really mad too." But the singer has dismissed Danger's claims, accusing her of creating the stories after he failed to return her calls.

He tells, "I still got love for Danger, that's one of my peoples (sic). But I didn't (return) her calls for the last 2-3 weeks. So she threatened to say 'I'm going to tell people you're gay!' She went along and actually did it! I'm not gay but I got love for gay people because I work with gay people... girls and dudes. I'm comfortable with my sexuality."

And he's not angry with Danger for her public comments, adding, "We're both upset with each other. But it's ok, I'm going to work it out with her soon and we'll be friends again."


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posted by NICOLE on Mar 26, 2010
posted by Mexicana!13.0. on Jan 18, 2010
dangers a hater who cant stand the gurlz he wit wat a siko gurl kant stand that person she makes me sick she needs to grow up! and stop acting like a child she fittin to have a kid she needs to act like an adult
posted by brianna on Jan 14, 2010
hi i am in love want you
posted by Babyt on Jan 13, 2010
Danger is just mad , Ray J is not gay ! Quit hating danger

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