Dru Hill's Sisqo Ordered to Pay Support for His Child With 14-Year-Old Fan


Sisqo is commanded to pay monthly support after a 14-year-old girl, who had sex with him following his show with Dru Hill in 1999, gave birth to a son whose father is the R&B singer.

R&B singer Sisqo has been ordered to pay monthly support for a child he had with a 14 year old fan, according to Swiss reports. The "Thong" Song hitmaker reportedly had sex with the young fan following a show with his band Dru Hill in Zurich in 1999.

The girl fell pregnant and welcomed a son, named Ian, who she claims was fathered by Sisqo. The unnamed female, now 25, filed papers in a Swiss court last year 2009 seeking financial help from the singer. Describing their alleged encounter in court documents, the woman said, "After the concert Sisqo was standing with his band at the bar. We went over and talked to them. Then everything went very fast.

"I was so young, but I wanted to enjoy my life. Ian often saw his father on TV. He's very proud of him. It's up to his father to prove he's right to be proud."

According to British tabloid the News of the World, a judge has ordered Sisqo - who has allegedly avoided taking a paternity test - to make monthly child support payments, although the amount is unknown.

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    Mar 24, 2014

    Lord, I just read that Sisqo has another child and he's a control freak. Lord...why in the world I had a serious crush on him...thank God I woke up...

    Britt Bratt
    Mar 23, 2013

    Fuck u big Al or better yet big asshole!!!!:-P

    Nov 10, 2010


    loud & Proud
    Aug 06, 2010

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    Jun 14, 2010

    i can agree with you more.

    big al
    Jun 07, 2010

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