John Krasinski Credited for B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling's Reunion

January 11, 2010 04:06:46 GMT

John Krasinski has helped his 'The Office' co-stars B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling to rekindle their romantic relationship which ended in 2008.

John Krasinski
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Photo credit: Joseph Marzullo/WENN

Actor John Krasinski has been playing cupid for his "The Office" co-stars B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling after helping to reignite the former couple's romance. Novak and Kaling split in 2008 but sparked rumors they had rekindled their relationship after they were spotted enjoying a night out in Hollywood together just before Christmas, December 2009.

And the reunited couple has Krasinski to thank for bringing them back together after he tricked his pals by recruiting them to help plan his upcoming wedding to Emily Blunt. A source tells the National Enquirer, "(Krasinksi got them together) under the guise of planning his wedding and honeymoon. Before too long, the old spark reignited and the two were dating again."

"As B.J.'s best friend, John knew his pal never really got over Mindy. They dated for a long while but broke up over a year ago because of the difficulty of mixing work and romance. (But) they're in love again."


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posted by ElizaDoolittle16 on Aug 13, 2010
Sorry.What I met to say was.I hope I get to meet them before High School ends for me.And so on.
posted by ElizaDoolittle16 on Aug 13, 2010
I tollay agree with you Skeptical.They do look cute together.So I hope they are together and happy as a couple.And I hope that oneday before High School ends for me.Becuase I am a fan of both of them
posted by ElizaDoolittle16 on Aug 13, 2010
Really?So they used to date before but broke up.And now they're together again.All becuase of his friend Jon.YAY I am so happy for them.They look SO CUTE together.Thank you Jon/Jim.Thank you every much.You did good.And they do look really cute together.I hope they thry to make it work out this time and stay together.
posted by Skeptical on Jun 05, 2010
If this is true, then this is the freaking cutest thing ever! But if it isn't, then I had some fun imagining Ryan and Kelly in real life haha.
posted by floppyhair on Apr 19, 2010
Yeah....this is lie. But good try.

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