Casey Johnson Was Dead for Days Before Discovered

Casey Johnson

Autopsy has been performed on the deceased fiancee of Tila Tequila, revealing that she did not die on Monday, January 4.

Socialite Casey Johnson lay dead for days before her body was discovered at her home in Los Angeles on Monday morning, January 4, according to police sources.

The Johnson & Johnson heiress, who was reportedly engaged to reality TV star Tila Tequila, had a history of diabetes and twice slipped into diabetic comas, according to Officials have completed an autopsy on the 30 year old's body and determined there were no signs of trauma on Johnson's body.

Law enforcement sources claim she had been dead for several days. The cause of death is deferred pending toxicology tests.

Tequila has revealed she last saw her fiancee on December 28, 2009, when the couple fought. The reality TV star tried to contact her partner by phone over the New Year weekend, but could not get hold of her.



    Jan 06, 2010

    it does seem like if tila couldnt get ahold of her by phone she couldve went to her place..thats what a normal loving finace would do especially on new years right?

    Jan 06, 2010

    Personally I think that Tila Tequila is such a piece of shit. First of all she should stop with the pity bullshit of "my wifey" if she were your wifey you wouldve known when she died instead of not hearing from her for days... Thanks Tila for enforcing the sick bullshit stereotype of a lesbian... as if we aren't stereotyped enough... happy now? Sad about the "wifey" by the way...but I feel sorry for Tila and her Jerry Springer moments...ugghh what a sad excuse for a woman..disgusting.

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