Miley Cyrus Gets Her Prank Backfired On Stage

December 31, 2009 03:15:31 GMT

The 'Hannah Montana' star's backside is covered with cream after her dancer throws a hat filled with foam at her last concert tour in Manchester, England.

Miley Cyrus
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Photo credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos

Miley Cyrus ended her Monday night, December 28 concert in Manchester, England covered in whipped cream after a prank on one of her dancers backfired. The teen was singing at the MEN Arena in front of thousands of fans when she handed one of her dancers a hat filled with foam.

The male performer put the hat on his head and was covered in white cream, much to the amusement of the 17 year old. But the dancer had the last laugh after throwing the cream-filled hat back at the "Hannah Montana" star, covering her backside, and then placing the hat on her head.

Cyrus finished the song and then explained her antics to the crowd, saying: "That was supposed to be my prank on someone else." An assistant then appeared on stage to help the star wipe the cream from her hair with a towel.


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posted by jazz on Jul 02, 2010
nd bsides... she can't be tamed~! LOL.. i wonder how i got in2 this situation.. though~!
posted by jazz on Jul 02, 2010
yuh... people should give her a break... stupid eggheads! just STOP pissing her off or giving her a hard time!! what if u were on her situation??
posted by innocent on Apr 20, 2010
stop treating Miley so cruelly! what if you were in her situation and you see what people say about you, how would you feel?
posted by jk on Mar 02, 2010
bitch.....she's so dumb! and immature!
posted by jazz on Jan 10, 2010
Anyways... search for me in facebook! my name is Aimee D. Placido! Thanks! But, i'm only 12 yrs old... hehehe. I"M SERIOUS!
posted by anna on Jan 10, 2010
i think that as long as she didn't suck because of it it was cool
posted by jazz on Jan 10, 2010
well, she like deserves it! right!
posted by jazz on Jan 10, 2010
wow! that was so stupid of her to do ! She knows better than that!
posted by cheez-it on Jan 06, 2010
tht shit is lame couldnt do somethin better
posted by jonasgirly on Jan 06, 2010
haha what a stupid bitch. she DESERVED it completely.
posted by mileyfan112 on Jan 05, 2010
fuck you people miley is de best......................
posted by usuck on Jan 05, 2010
she like hell deservd it :P u suck big tym miley..!
posted by olsen on Jan 04, 2010
immature. :)
posted by james on Jan 04, 2010
miley i love you
posted by SA CHick on Jan 01, 2010
Foam in a hat?...realli...yawn yawn BORIN' dat supposed 2 b funny cum on Miley even my granny cn thnk of a beta prank den dat...nway me stil a huge fan of Miley
posted by gladys on Jan 01, 2010
that's rude! i hate her so much! sorry!
posted by jizz on Dec 31, 2009
she got "creamed"
posted by mileyfun on Dec 31, 2009
Prank was silly!!!:)
posted by miley :) on Dec 31, 2009
i just think that's horrible what they did...........:((

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