Tobey Maguire Has Yet Lost His Wedding Ring

December 30, 2009 02:55:58 GMT

Tobey Maguire's wife sees the fact that the 'Spider-Man' star hasn't lost his wedding ring as a good sign that their marriage will be long-lived.

Tobey Maguire
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Photo credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

Tobey Maguire's jewelery designer wife Jennifer Meyer feels sure her marriage to Spider-Man is set to last because he hasn't lost the wedding ring she created for him yet. The actor told his bride to design two identical rings for him before they wed in 2007 - because he was convinced he'd lose one. But he still wears the band, which Meyer sees as a sign of luck.

She explains, "He's never worn any jewelery before and he warned me when we got married that he'd probably lose the wedding band, so I should make him a couple."

"But he's still on the first one, and we're over two and a half years married, so we're doing good." And Meyer couldn't be happier with her role as Spider-Man's wife: "(He's an) amazing husband."


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