Josh Duhamel Hosts a Suicidal Show in Disturbing Trailer for 'The Show'

Josh Duhamel Hosts a Suicidal Show in Disturbing Trailer for 'The Show'
The actor plays a Chris Harrison-like host of a dating show which, after an attempted murder, turns into an entire reality show about contestants killing themselves.

Josh Duhamel hosts a suicidal show in "The Show", which trailer has been unleashed for viewing pleasure. Making its way out via Entertainment Tonight, the trailer introduces Duhamel as Adam Rogers, a Chris Harrison-like host of a dating show that ends in an attempted murder.

The trailer opens with Rogers hosting an episode of his show where the runner-up tries to shoot and kill the winner. After foiling the attempted shooting, Rogers is dubbed a "national hero" by an excitable morning show host, portrayed by James Franco, who heaps praise on Rogers.

The network exec, played by Famke Janssen, then decides to create an entire reality show about contestants committing suicide. After another exec says, "From a legal standpoint, neither the network nor the producers can be held liable," Janssen's character adds, "So theoretically, if we had a show on air where people were committing suicide, it wouldn't be breaking the law."

The movie's official synopsis reads, "After a dating show ends in violence, its host Adam Rogers (Duhamel) and a ratings-hungry network exec launch a terrifying new program that promises fresh kills every week. The tension mounts as a kindhearted janitor joins the deadly program, hoping to help his struggling family any cost."

Directed by Giancarlo Esposito, "The Show" hits select theaters and is available on demand on September 15. Esposito also stars in the movie alongside Sarah Wayne Callies, Caitlin FitzGerald, Cory Gruter-Andrew, Chelah Horsdal and many more.


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