Remy Ma Claps Back at Nicki Minaj After Ghostwriting Claims: 'Are You F**king Dumb?'

Remy Ma Claps Back at Nicki Minaj After Ghostwriting Claims: 'Are You F**king Dumb?'

The Bronx raptress denies that her husband wrote 'shETHER' for her, saying, 'Who the f**k was writing my rhymes before I met him?'

Things are getting messier between Nicki Minaj and her nemesis Remy Ma. After the "Anaconda" hitmaker openly accused Remy's husband Papoose of writing infamous diss track "shETHER", the Bronx femcee has now clapped back at Nicki. She has taken to social media to shut down the rumors and take a jab at the Trinidadian-born rapper.

"First of all, my husband is dumb nice. Let's just be clear on that. Benn dumb nice. N***as ain't never want to give him his props," Remy shares. "Now, when n***as get 'shETHERED', now all of a sudden, he's writing my rhymes? Who the f**k was writing my rhymes before I met him? I met Pap after 'Lean Back', after 'Conceited', after 'Whuteva', after 'Ante Up' remix, after all my mixtapes. Who was writing my s**t then? Like, are you f**king dumb?"

After denying the ghostwriting claims, Remy throws major shade at Nicki by making a reference to Nicki's brother, who has been accused of raping a 12-years-old. She says, "If you wasn't there, don't talk about nobody's case. And even if everything they said was right and exact in my case, b***h, I ain't never touched nobody's kids. How about that? I ain't never fondled no f**kin' minors. The f**k you talkin' about, n***a?"

Remy clapping back at Nicki comes after a snippet of 2 Chainz's collaborative track with Nicki called "Realize" surfaced online. In the brief clip, Nicki's voice could be heard spitting verses about Remy's infamous diss track "shETHER", accusing Papoose of writing the song for the "Money Showers" raptress.

"I've been winning 8 years consistently, at least respect it/ Papoose wrote a 'Ether' record, but I broke Aretha [Aretha Franklin] record/ See this is chess, not checkers, you cannot check the checkers/ Did Nas clear that 'Ether' record? Nah, but I will complete the record," Nicki rapped on "Realize".



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