Harry Styles' Rumored New GF Tess Ward Targeted by 'Jealous' Directioners

Harry Styles' Rumored New GF Tess Ward Targeted by 'Jealous' Directioners
The 27-year-old food blogger/chef seemingly has been targeted by the One Direction singer's loyal fans, after having only been romantically linked to him for several days.

It seems like Harry Styles' rumored new girlfriend Tess Ward has been targeted by "jealous" Directioners. After having only been romantically linked to the One Direction singer for several days, the 27-year-old food blogger/chef has become the victim of his loyal fans, as she receives a string of bad reviews for her book.

Tess' book titled "The Naked Died" has received a spate of scathing minimum "one star" online reviews on the retail website Amazon over the last few days, following rumors saying she's dating Harry. Her book had only received maximum "five star" plus "four star" reviews until the dating rumors surfaced earlier this week.

A "one star" reviewer said of the 2015 book, "Bland, flavorless [sic]. Overall just lacking that extra style factor, you know? No spark there. I'd rather just buy some chicken and stuff if with mozzarella or whatever. Have a good day."

Another said, "Could not find one single perk in this book even if I tried. The recipes are bland and unoriginal... I don't know who the author is but they could have done better," while a reviewer who went under the name Sara said, "Classic blogger unhealthy recipes, if you want the full deal buy some detox tea, take a seat on the toilet and enjoy the ride. Full Stop."

"The book is boring and the diet she proposes is medically unsound. I would not recommend it to anyone. Don't waste your money," another review read. Another anonymous reviewer blasted the Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef as saying, "It's nothing new, same old dry recipes. I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up on Gordon Ramsay toilet roll stack. You can do better, Tetra and fullstop."

But some other Directioners were not impressed by the scathing reviews. A "grown-up" fan took to Twitter to say, "I see some of the more pathetic members of the 1D fandom have started leaving s****y reviews on @TessWard's book on Amazon...Grow up FFS!" Another user tweeted, "It's 'fans' like that that make us all look like nutballs. It's so childish."

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