They Don't Belong Together. James Packer Dumps Mariah Carey Over Her 'Excessive Spending'

They Don't Belong Together. James Packer Dumps Mariah Carey Over Her 'Excessive Spending'
The Australian billionaire reportedly let his ex-fiancee keep the $10 million engagement ring he gave her earlier this year after he ended their relationship.

Is Mariah Carey single again? Australia's Woman's Day reported that the songbird's back on the market after she and her fiance James Packer called off their engagement. The publication claimed that her E! reality show and her lavish lifestyle are among the reasons behind the pair's breakup.

Packer was said to be the one who ended the relationship. "It's all over," one close family friend told the news outlet. "James had huge reservations about Mariah's new reality TV show and the fact that she was willing to expose their lives to the world."

The Australian billionaire was apparently not happy that Carey devoted much of her time to her show "Mariah's World", which he refused to be a part of. He additionally took issue with the singer's "excessive spending." The source shared, "James is very generous but Mariah takes it to the next level."

Mimi reportedly also had problem getting along with Packer's family. Earlier this year, she refused to attend his sister Gretel's 50th birthday in Sydney and that "created a lot of tension in the family." The family pal said, "His mum hated to even hear her name mentioned, and James' tight circle of friends never really thought they would marry."

There's still no official word from Carey or Packer regarding the split report. The couple got engaged in January and had been planning their wedding before the news emerged. Woman's Day said that Packer let his ex keep the $10 million engagement ring he gave her.


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