Joan Rivers Says Lea Michele's Dress at 2014 Teen Choice Awards Looks Like 'Porn Star'

August 18, 2014 08:51:49 GMT

In a recent episode of 'Fashion Police', Joan criticized the dress Lea wore at 2014 Teen Choice Awards, saying she's like 'porn star' who did 'amputee gang bangs.'

Joan Rivers Says Lea Michele's Dress at 2014 Teen Choice Awards Looks Like 'Porn Star'
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Joan Rivers criticized Lea Michele's dress in this week's episode of "Fashion Police". The 81-year-old actress said that Lea's dress at 2014 Teen Choice Awards was "cheap." She added, "[Lea] looks like she's a porn star."

Joan continued, "You know that kind of porn stars who are not the prettiest, so they do crazy stuff, like amputee gang bangs?" She claimed that "no one" liked the "Glee" star. She went on saying, "I heard the cast of 'Glee' refers to her as the Porta-Potty, because no one wants to go anywhere near her, unless they absolutely have to."

Lea has not responded to Joan's comment.

This is not the first time Joan has slammed Lea. Back in 2012, Joan criticized Lea, who stars as Rachel Berry on "Glee", in her "I Hate Everyone Starting with Me" book. She wrote, "Lea Michele isn't in high school- she's a 37-year-old woman. The only way Lea Michele is in high school is if she's part of some bizarre religious cult and she's come back to school with bombs strapped to her boobs."


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posted by Khéter on Apr 17, 2015
What to expect from a woman who has a book called "I Hate Everyone Starting with Me"? She thinks Lea Michele is 37 years old when she have only 28? In fact, the entire cast of Glee are in this age group. Joan Rivers is jealous of the beauty and charisma of Lea. She said no one likes Lea ... what are the millions of Leanatics around the world? How much Joanatics there?
posted by Denielle001 on Aug 19, 2014
Joan has a lot of nerve talking about anyone.. she looks like she was a man once, who had bad transgender surgery..she's a horrible human being and I wish she would just go away! Lea Michele looks great, and in even in her bad moments is better looking than Joan ever was!
posted by meeska on Aug 19, 2014
Joan needs to retire. There was time time when she was hilarious. She's getting more hurtful and mean. It's time to 'pull up some more skin' and call it a day.
posted by lovethebuckeyes on Aug 19, 2014
I thought she was a porn star??
posted by Denielle001 on Aug 19, 2014
Joan Rivers has a lot of nerve talking about anyone..she looks like she was a man who had bad transgender surgery. Lea Michele is very pretty and as far as what she wore, not the greatest choice, but I think she was trying to keep it young and simple for the activity she went to..
posted by J.D. on Aug 19, 2014
I wish Joan would just go away, she has no talent and doesn't know a thing about fashion, just look at what she wears and then says nasty things about other people. Joan, will you keep your big mouth shut.
posted by JimR on Aug 19, 2014
Loan looks like an old lizard.
posted by Esbe on Aug 19, 2014
Actually, I was hoping to read that Joan Rivers had passed and it was only her mouth that was still moving.
posted by Fr29 on Aug 19, 2014
Joan needs to fall of the face of the earth and take her nasty daughter with her.
posted by Dick Nasty on Aug 19, 2014
That is the entire reason Joan for these slores to dress like street walkers because it draws FREE publicity them. DUH
posted by Larry on Aug 19, 2014
Joan's a riot. You gotta admit...she says what a lot are thinking. Hilarious -
posted by Debbie on Aug 19, 2014
I think Joan should take a good long look at herself. She is a very bitter and jealous woman. Lea has more beauty and talent in her little finger than she has ever had!!!!?!

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