Comic-Con: 'Godzilla' Sequel and New King Kong Film 'Skull Island' Announced

Comic-Con: 'Godzilla' Sequel and New King Kong Film 'Skull Island' Announced

Monsters that will appear in 'Godzilla 2' are revealed, while the prequel to 'King Kong' that will focus on the titular island has released a teaser.

Exciting announcements came from Legendary Pictures' panel at the San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. The studio announced a sequel to Gareth Edwards' "Godzilla" and a new King Kong movie that focuses on the giant's home "Skull Island".

Edwards will be back at the helm for "Godzilla 2" after he completes "Star Wars" standalone film. The director was absent at the event, but he delivered a message through a pre-recorded video, saying that he needed a break from a big sci-fi franchise. "So I'm up here doing a small sci-fi movie," he joked.

Along with the announcement, a teaser for the sequel was screened, much to fans' delight. The video shows footage of the monsters battling battleships and nuclear explosions with voiceover of President John F. Kennedy. "There is still one secret that remains hidden: There ... Are ... Others," the warning says. The creatures are then listed as Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah.

Meanwhile, teaser for "Skull Island" takes audiences to a remote land. It begins with a snapshot of dark stormy ocean before sweeping into a lush island. "Long stretches of the world cut off forever," the voiceover says. "The earliest beginings of the world, when vegetation lined the earth. It came in the shape of an unrestful and noisy dream." At the end of the clip, a huge gorilla shows up roaring.

Legendary also brought "Warcraft" and "Crimson Peak" promos. The latter only shows the title card without any actual footage from the movie, while the latter gives a tour to the dark shadowy mansion. "A house as old as this one becomes, in time, a living thing," Tom Hiddleston's character whispers in a voiceover.

"It may have timber for bones and windows for eyes, but sitting here all alone it can go slowly mad," he adds while sinister cast that include Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, and Charlie Hunnam is shown. "It starts holding on to things, keeping them alive when they shouldn't be. Some of them good ... Some are bad. ... Some should never be spoken about again."

Besides promoting "Crimson Peak", Guillermo del Toro managed to drum up anticipation for long-delayed "Hellboy 3". After the crowd screamed in approval when asked if they'd like to see the threequel, Legendary's head Thomas Tull said to the director, "When you're done with 'Pacific Rim 2', we'll talk."



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