'Bachelorette: Men Tell All': Chris S. Goes On Speed Date, Ashley Hebert Has 'Live' Sonogram

'Bachelorette: Men Tell All': Chris S. Goes On Speed Date, Ashley Hebert Has 'Live' Sonogram

Marcus and Chris S. get emotional as they recall how heartbreaking it was when they were eliminated, while Andi Dorfman learns which guys who lied during the lie detector test.

"The Bachelorette" Andi Dorfman faced the rejected guys in the "Men Tell All" special aired on Monday, July 21, but before she took the center stage, the show welcomed back former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and her husband J.P. Rosenbaum. The currently expecting couple gave update on their love journey and did a live sonogram to reveal the sex of their baby.

Ashley is due to give birth on October 7 and she had "no complaints at all" about the pregnancy. "I feel great. The baby's very active. It's been perfect," she said. She then leaned back on the couch against J.P. to have a sonogram, which was projected onto a big screen. "There's an ear. There's a little thumb," said Greg the technician. He revealed, "J.P., Ashley - it is a boy!" J.P. had tears in his eyes, saying, "It's emotional, you know," while Ashley claimed her "Mama's intuition" told her it's a boy all along.

The show later switched the focus to the eliminated guys. Marquel Martin addressed the racism issue which "has yet to be resolved." During an episode set in France, Marquel confronted Andrew Poole about his alleged racist remarks after J.J. O'Brien told Marquel that Andrew said "blackies" during the first rose ceremony.

J.J. insisted, "I heard blackies. Maybe he said black guys, but..." Host Chris Harrison confronted him for not confronting Andrew from the start, while Marquel told Andrew, "I'm not attacking you, Andrew, but I will never forget the ignorance that is racism." He then pointed out that Andrew never said sorry for his remarks. Andrew then said he hoped that someday he and Marquel could "shake hands and be friends again."

Marcus Grodd, who was sent home after the hometown dates, later took the hot seat. He was obviously heartbroken after the elimination, saying that he's "still struggling with not knowing what happened." He went on claiming, "Andi was a real love for me. I took it very seriously." He's joining "Bachelor in Paradise" to give another try at love.

Chris Soules, who is a fan favorite, also opened up about his feelings after being dumped by Andi. "I'm just going to be myself and continue on with life and focus on being who I am and being the best person I can possibly be," he said, before a woman in the audience interrupted and said she wanted to talk to Chris S. Host Chris Harrison then turned it into a speed date during a commercial break and when the show came back Chris S. got her phone number.

Later was Andi's turn to be in the spotlight. She answered Chris S. and Marcus' questions which were basically about what changed between them before they were eliminated. She said they had no connection.

Andi also denied rumors that she's already pregnant, saying, "I am not pregnant. No, not at all."

Chris Harrison then showed the results of the lie detector test, revealing that it was Marcus, Dylan and Josh who had lied. Marcus lied about sleeping with less than 20 women, while Dylan lied about preferring brunettes over blondes and that he was ready for marriage. When asked if she wanted to know Josh's two lies, she said no.

Josh is in the final two along with Nick.

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