Oscar-Nominated Filmmaker Making Documentary That May Expose Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer

Michael F. Egan III, who files lawsuit against the 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' director, has been contacted by Amy Berg for her project about exposing sexual abuse in Hollywood.

Amidst the shocking allegation that Bryan Singer raped an underage boy in pool party, it's revealed that a documentary that attempts to expose sexual abuse in Hollywood community is in the works. Variety confirms that Amy Berg has been working on the project for the last two years.

Berg, an Oscar-nominated filmmaker, runs Disarming Films which is a producing company focusing on social justice. She received an Academy Award nomination for her 2006 documentary "Deliver Us from Evil" which uncovered sex abuse cases in the Roman Catholic Church.

In 2012, she made "West of Memphis" with "The Hobbit" director Peter Jackson as a producer. It documents the story of the infamous West Memphis Three about teenagers who were convicted of the 1993 murder of three boys in Arkansas despite lack of evidence.

Singer was sued by Michael F. Egan III this week for alleged sexual assault. The plaintiff claimed, when he was a teen, he was drugged, threatened at gun point, and raped repeatedly in numerous parties including the one hosted by Mark Collins-Rector, a registered sex offender who in 2004 pleaded guilty to luring minors across state lines for sexual acts.

Egan was allegedly introduced to Singer by Collins-Rector. The "X-Men: Days of Future Past" director reportedly forced him to perform sex in return for promised movie role.

The plaintiff said his mother once contacted LAPD which later brought the case to FBI, but nothing happened. In a 2000 filing, there was indeed a criminal lawsuit filed by Egan, but Singer's name was not mentioned in the papers. "It's clear that these statements are fabricated," the director's lawyer Martin Singer said. "If Bryan had done anything wrong, he would have been included in the previous lawsuit."

According to Daily Mail, Berg's company has reached out to Egan but it's unclear if he has been interviewed on camera for her film. "They said they are making a documentary about a bunch of children molested by somebody in the film industry," a source close to Egan says. "They were working on numerous children, now adults, now coming forward about this."

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    Apr 19, 2014

    Child molestation and LGBT have no business being in the same sentence. How Fucking high are you right now. Honestly, your response is sickening

    Apr 19, 2014

    1) Rethink your definition of superstar, your list is not very... superstarish. 2) Your conspiracy-theory-esque network that would go to the ends of the earth for Bryan Singer seems unlikely. Rereading your thoughts, I believe you are a crazy person.

    Apr 18, 2014

    Bryan Singer (#28 on the Out Power 50) is no Jerry Sandusky or Harvey Weinstein. The FBI doesn't have any dirt on him or any Hollywood power players since the days of J. Edgar Hoover. LGBTQ Hollywood has Bryan Singer's back. The X-Men stars led by Magneto (Sir Ian McKellen Out 100 "Legend") will publicly defend his honor, just like ScarJo righteously defended Woody Allen. CAA (OUT #44. Bryan Lourd & Kevin Huvane Managing Partners, CAA, 53/55) will rally their clients. OUT Power moguls #15 Barry Diller, Chairman, IAC/InterActiveCorp, 72 and #22. David Geffen, Media Mogul/Philanthropist, 71 may be old but they're still billionaires. Scientology will work quietly behind the scenes to shut down this witch hunt, as will the ACLU (Out #19. Anthony Romero Executive Director, ACLU, 48). Who has the NSA files that detail the phone conversations and the proof that Michael Egan is lying? Out #5 Power Player: Glenn Greenwald, Journalist/Lawyer, 47. Who's breaking the news? OUT #34. Harvey Levin Founder and Managing Editor, TMZ, 63; OUT #33 Jess Cagle Editorial Director, People & Entertainment Weekly, 48; and OUT #45; and Nick Denton CEO, Gawker Media, 47. Who's spinning the story? OUT #50. Simon Halls & Stephen Huvane, Founders, Slate PR, 50/53. Ryan Murphy (#6 on the Out Power 50) won't tolerate turning gleeful gay pride parties at Noah Emmerich's house into an american horror story. Many Hollywood gay superstars -- film and TV -- will rise to Singer's defense: Michael Musto, Bret Easton Ellis, Maulik Pancholy, George Takei, Dennis O'Hare, David Ebershoff, Billy Porter, Victor Garber, Joe Mantello, Paul Iacono, Don Roos, Greg Berlanti, Kevin Williamson, Bradley Bredeweg & Peter Paige, David Marshall Grant, Michael Lannan & Andrew Haigh. Jonathan Groff, Michael Patrick King, Mo Rocca, Christopher Durang, Jeffrey Schwarz, Bruce Vilanch, Cheyenne Jackson, Rex Lee, Chris Mason Johnson, Mike White, Gregg Gugliotta, Travis Mathews, Rob Ashford, Lee Daniels, Wentworth Miller, Jim Parsons, Guillermo Diaz, just to name a few. OUT Power 50 has power in numbers (ask Nate Silver): 2. Tim Cook CEO, Apple, 53 7. Neil Patrick Harris Actor, 40 8. Andy Cohen Bravo TV Executive/Host, 45 14. Anderson Cooper News Anchor, 46 32. Scott Rudin Producer That is if they ever want to work in this town again. Watch funding and distribution for Amy Berg's documentary evaporate in 3, 2, 1.

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