Barkhad Abdi Struggling Financially Despite Oscar Nomination

March 06, 2014 00:35:09 GMT

The 'Captain Phillips' star received merely 65,000 dollars in salary when starring as the leader of hijacking pirates.

Barkhad Abdi
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Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

Barkhad Abdi received a considerably low salary when starring in "Captain Phillips" and he is reportedly struggling to make ends meet. Two years ago, the Somali American actor was paid just $65,000 for the film that went on making almost $218 million in the box office.

"Captain Phillips", which also stars Tom Hanks, was Abdi's film debut. He left his job in his brother's mobile phone store when he got the gig. He later received supporting actor nomination at recent Oscar, Golden Globe, SAG and BAFTA Awards, winning in the latest. Despite the accolades, Abdi did not thrive financially.

The New Yorker reported that the former limo driver was living off the glitzy glamor while in Los Angeles for the awards season. He refused to stay at the fancy Beverly Hilton hotel in trade of a hotel near the airport so that he could be near a friend who could drive him around for free. The 28-year-old also wore loaner clothes.

Abdi is still living in Minnesota and is planning to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting careers. According to THR, he is in talks to star as South African runner Willie Mtolo in the upcoming film "The Place That Hits the Sun".

Back in January, Abdi told ABC News that he was not a big spender. "I'm not big into buying stuff, I'm a simple guy," he said. "I bought a car, not that big name of a car, a Saab. I'm not into big name stuff."


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posted by Autoin20 on Mar 07, 2014
You know this Film only cost had a budget of $55 million and it made up to now $217,560,040 with DVD sale yet to be published. You think the Producers, including Mr. Tom Hanks could issue a kind Residuals Check to this fine aspiring actor.
posted by Sweetie on Mar 05, 2014
This is so sad. Bunch of Greedy Ass ppl including the producer. Why did he underplayed? is he because he is from Somali? or black? we are in the 21st century guys. Paying Tom millions and made a bad deal with the poor man is unbelievable...

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