'The Bachelor' Recap: The Foreseen Withdrawal and a Big Fight

'The Bachelor' Recap: The Foreseen Withdrawal and a Big Fight

Sharleen finally decides to leave because she thinks it's unfair for the other girls who are more sure about their feelings with Juan Pablo Galavis.

Just a week before the hometown date, a girl decided to quit "The Bachelor". In the Monday, February 17 episode, Sharleen made the important decision after struggling with her feelings since the beginning of the 18th season.

Juan Pablo Galavis was clearly still into Sharleen as he gave the first one-on-one date to her for that week. The other girls were jealous and wondered why she had not been eliminated yet.

During the date, Juan Pablo and Sharleen frolicked in the ocean and made out. Later that night, he brought up the topic about the hometown date. She said it could work, but she admitted that the other guys who had met her family had spent more time with her than she had with Juan Pablo.

When she got back to the hotel, she opened up to Renee that she's not sure Juan Pablo was the one and she felt it's unfair if she took the spot from another girl who was more sure about her feelings to Juan Pablo.

Sharleen then eventually decided to leave, telling the other ladies first before she talked to Juan Pablo. Calling her decision "excruciatingly difficult," she told the Bachelor, "I just don't think that I can get to the place I'm supposed to be at in three weeks' time." Juan Pablo accepted that and they parted ways in good term.

The second one-on-one date went to Nikki. He took her to his daughter Camila's dance recital where Nikki got to meet Juan Pablo's parents and Camila's mom Carla as well. His family was really nice and welcomed Nikki well. Nikki felt reassured and admitted that she fell in love with Juan Pablo, saying she "hit a home run" with this date.

For the group date, Andi, Clare, Chelsie and Renee traveled out to a private island near Miami. Andi got the rose and she and Juan Pablo went dancing in South Beach.

Back at the hotel, the tension was high with Clare complaining that she didn't get the rose. Clare said she's not going to pretend to be fake and thought Andi got the date rose because he needed reassurance. Nikki called it "so stupid" and stormed out of the room.

Clare confronted Nikki about her behavior in Nikki's room and Nikki explained that she walked away because she thought they were going to start talking smack about Andi. Nikki added, "Let's be honest, I don't like you. We're never gonna be friends," and asked Clare to leave her room. Clare refused to leave the room, childlishy saying that it's not Nikki's room because Nikki didn't pay for it.

Later at the cocktail party, Nikki tried to stay "away from [Clare] for a very, very long time." There was an awkward silence between the two when they sat together with no other girls.

At the rose ceremony, Juan Pablo gave the roses to Nikki, Clare and Renee. Andi already had the rose from the group date, meaning Chelsie was eliminated in the episode. Next week, Juan Pablo will meet Andi, Nikki, Clare and Renee's families.

After this week's episode aired, host Chris Harrison talked about Sharleen's exit. He said, "Sharleen was at the top of [Juan Pablo's] list from the moment she got out of the limo," and, "He was just so captivated by her and I just think he liked the fact that she was so sophisticated and talented and had so much to offer. He was blinded by that and really wanted it to work."

Harrison understood why Sharleen needed a long time to decide to quit. "She would convince herself to leave, but then somehow when they were together she would lose her words and be into it and make out with him again," Harrison explained.

"Finally, I think she just thought enough is enough and it's time to rip the band-aid off. She also started feeling guilty because then she's taking a spot and you're bringing families into this next week and it's a lot more serious. She rode this as far as she could in good conscience and did her due diligence to see if something was there and I respect that."

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