'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 20 Reveals Winner, Jourdan Stumbles on Runway

November 16, 2013 04:39:47 GMT

One of the Top 3, Marvin Cortes, Jourdan Miller and Cory Hindorff, is cut early in the finale before the remaining two finalists take part in the final photo shoot.

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 20 Reveals Winner, Jourdan Stumbles on Runway
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Does "America's Next Top Model" crown its first-ever male winner? The 20th season which pitted girls against boys concluded on a Friday, November 15 episode with two guys and one girl in the Top 3.

At the beginning of the finale, one of them was sent packing, though. Cory Hindorff broke down in tears as he was eliminated, but Tyra Banks said that he would walk the runway along with the Top 2 as well as some previously-eliminated contestants.

Tyra explained that she changed her mind and let Cory join the runway show because she had had a similar experience. She was once told to go home before a Versace show while she already had her make-up and dress on, so she didn't want Cory to get through the same thing.

The runway show was based on a commercial that the Top 3 shot before. It was about a girl, played by Jourdan, who would choose between her lover (Cory) who beat her and a good guy (Marvin).

Jourdan had a stumble on the runway, but she could recover gracefully. She also surprised Marvin by kissing him on the lips while they practiced a kiss on the check prior to the show.

For the final photo shoot, Tyra served as the photographer and did their make-up as well. The super model painted the finalists' bodies and put them into a bamboo-type grove.

At the final panel, the judges were divided as Jourdan and Marvin were equally good. After they commented on the finalists' performance on the runway show and the photo shoot, the judges deliberated for a while before announcing the winner.

At the end of the day, Jourdan took the crown by a considerable margin. The 19-year-old took home the top prize, which included a $100,000 Guess campaign, a contract with NEXT model management and a spread in Nylon magazine.


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posted by Marvinsbetter on Apr 02, 2015
I wanted marvin to win jourdan was so boring marvin was the better model
posted by Traveleratheart on Jan 08, 2015
Jordan is the typical blond tall model. Yes she fits the standard of beauty that has been around for so long but personally I was hoping for something different. However I don't buy clothes/goods based on this limited view of beauty anyway so it does not impact me directly.....but am excited for the day when a truer and more diverse representation of beauty will be in the media!
posted by Shaye on May 04, 2014
Glad Jourdan won she had the best portfolio out of the top three she deserved to win,I was very disappointed Marvin was in the top three, She had a very luckluster portfolio.The top three should have been Jourdan, Nina and Cory.
posted by kh on Mar 04, 2014
How many times do the judges say its not enough just to have a pretty face and then they go pick jourdan what the hells wrong with them when she didnt get picked by anyone on the go sees didnt that make them take note so sick of them having favourites dont think I will be wasting my time watching next season
posted by Alex on Feb 12, 2014
posted by Alex on Feb 12, 2014
I really think Marvin should've won why because Jordan is nothing but a fake ass white girl who cries and starts drama for anything hes a fake person and should not have won on the other hand Marvin should have won because of his determine mind to get there and to do it as well. he wanted it for a big reason Jordan only wanted it for the money to her own self Marvin wanted it for his family honestly yea he did screw up a lot but he will always be a way better model then that fake bleach blond tramp. :)
posted by coco on Jan 03, 2014
posted by vikha on Dec 29, 2013
JOURDAN will be american next top model. i like it
posted by mary on Dec 04, 2013
posted by jourgi on Nov 29, 2013
Jourdan is the winner of america'§ next top model i watch on wikipedia jourdan who win
posted by neihcolet on Nov 26, 2013
I love 3 of them especially cory because he is a nice person but i think jourdan is the best model.she is so perfect to be a top model.congrats jourdan!its your destiny..
posted by mae barandino on Nov 24, 2013
i dont like jourdan i like cory 2 b da winner
posted by jessica mae barandin on Nov 24, 2013
Jourdan your da one and only americas next top model.but many was disappointed when nina was elliminated.
posted by azul mae on Nov 24, 2013
winnerrrrrrrrr is jourdan
posted by Cake on Nov 22, 2013
Jourdan you look sexy she would win in a zip takeing the boys down
posted by yet on Nov 21, 2013
Jourdan was so beautiful and amazing, i was just so happy when i watched the finally. Nice decision Tyra :)
posted by lovelove on Nov 18, 2013
picture wise, Jourdan was more consistent and stronger than Marvin. Marvin is blessed with his bone structure but modelling wise, he seldom changes his expression. I think the only model in the series on par with Jourdan was Chris H.
posted by T on Nov 17, 2013
Jourdan was the best model but as Phil said, every girl who remotely resembles Jourdan is in the industry so her chances of success are slim. Also, I think it's significant that none of the designers picked Jourdan for their runway shows. Personally, I was hoping Renee would pull out some great photos but she never really did. Marvin is hit and miss for me, bordering on too youngish. I was squarely in Chris' corner until the 'you look like a monkey' reference to Marvin. Too bad Mike cannot model; he's quite beautiful. Phil is pure sex and my favorite.
posted by Joey on Nov 17, 2013
Let's be happy for Jourdan coz she deserved it..To all the haters i hope you judged her fairly..God bless Jourdan...
posted by REINA on Nov 17, 2013
MARVIN should have won and Jordan was a joke...SHAME...I guess this show really isn't fair at all...I am done watching it...
posted by amlunar on Nov 17, 2013
Was hoping for Cory. Would have chosen Marvin over Jourdan but Guess loved her look so knew she would win. Guess the country is not ready for Cory. Glad Philly is going to fete him.
posted by jourdanph on Nov 17, 2013
OMG! jourdan Bring home the crown that crown is totally for her ., beauty & brain inside and out :))
posted by miss purple on Nov 17, 2013
posted by tease on Nov 17, 2013
Clearly, Jourdan deserves to win! She's beautiful.
posted by Ed on Nov 17, 2013
By Tyra. Been following the show from the start. How predictable and boring. Elimination at runway was bogus. Marvin was cute but his walk bedded improvement. The only interesting person was Cory. How does it feel to play with peoples lives???
posted by marvinforever99 on Nov 16, 2013
HOW DARE TYRA??? Narvin was so much better. He is gorgeous AND has a great personality. Clearly the better model. Why have a guys vs girls if the guys dont even have a chance?
posted by cait on Nov 16, 2013
Jourdan was probably the better technical model but she's so typical and boring. She's exactly what you expect, pretty blonde girl and I wasn't too big on that. Plus she was just so unlikeable I would have prefered for anyone but her to win.
posted by Zee on Nov 16, 2013
I can't believe Jourdan won , I have watched Americas next top model for years and this was most disappointing ever. Jourdan is so typical and boring. I loved Americas next top model because I would have that model that was unique and that Jourdan is not. Marvin or even Cory should've won very very disappointing !!!!!!
posted by luv Marvin on Nov 16, 2013
Marvin was so much better then Jourdan.
posted by Bornthisway87 on Nov 16, 2013
I am glad jourdan won. Marvin the best and better looking model. Mmm NOT. I am a gay man and I did not see anything sexy about that guy. I would say jourdan was HOTTER
posted by notafan on Nov 16, 2013
Marvin was the better model
posted by nicks on Nov 16, 2013
posted by Andy D on Nov 16, 2013
Cory should have won. Jourdan was so dull no personality will be forgotten in a week. Tell us again about your short lived marriage

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