Miley Cyrus' Young Sister Noah Shaves Her Hair

November 09, 2013 05:36:11 GMT

Noah Cyrus proudly debuts her half-shaved head and defends herself against harsh comments from the haters.

Miley Cyrus' Young Sister Noah Shaves Her Hair
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Noah Cyrus has a new edgy look. The 13-year-old star follows in the footsteps of her pixie-haired sister Miley Cyrus by getting a partial buzz cut made popular by Cassie, Rihanna and Jada Pinkett Smith. The teen shaves part of her head and shows off the new haircut on Instagram.

Her transformation seems to get mixed response from her followers as she defends herself, "Everyone please stop hating on me. I'm my own person I can do whatever I want. Please stop being so mean. Do you think I enjoy reading comments tell[ing] me I'm ugly and I'm trying to be someone I'm not when I'm only being myself."

She adds, "I can't believe the words people are saying to me right now. Please I beg of you just stop." She also writes, "I've never been perfect but neither have you."

Other celebrities who just chopped off their luscious long hair included Jennifer Aniston, Pamela Anderson, and Jennifer Lawrence.

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