'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Reacts to PTC Outcry Over Season 6 Premiere

Kurt Sutter

Kurt Sutter says the PTC 'are not evil people, but they're just not very intelligent or intuitive people,' after the organization slams the show for the 'violent and sexually graphic' episode.

The Parents Television Council won't let "Sons of Anarchy" just pass through without criticism following its shocking season 6 premiere. Despite elaborate explanation previously given by series creator Kurt Sutter, the organization slams the show for the "horrifically violent and disturbing material" in the season opener.

PTC president Tim Winter says, "The Parents Television Council is calling on its members to contact Congress to express the urgent need for a consumer cable choice solution in response to the violent and sexually graphic premiere of FX's 'Sons of Anarchy', which featured a young boy committing a school shooting, simulated rape scenes, torture of women, and a man who was drowned in a bathtub of urine."

He adds, "Think about the parents who have been personally affected by real-life school shootings - even they were forced to contribute to FX on their cable bills. This is an outrage, and the time for consumers to have real choice has come."

"Changing the channel is simply not enough - that's a lazy excuse from the cable industry's own talking points that does not address the real problem," he goes on sounding off his protest. Winter then points out the need to allow consumers to pick cable channels a la carte.

Sutter later responds to the PTC ire, "The PTC - I would imagine these are not evil people, but they're just not very intelligent or intuitive people... The fact that these people want to be monitoring what my children watch is terrifying."

He adds that PTC's "simplistic, dangerous view" is "perhaps influenced by certain religious groups and people with other agendas" which, "whenever that stuff crosses the line into censorship, it's just scary, not just on a creative level but on a personal level" The writer apologizes to those who are personally involved in one of the school shootings, but notes that "that is a very small percentage of us."

He once again explains the need to write the scene, saying that the show's main protagonist, Jax, "is a father of young boys of that age, who's trying to protect them from the dangerous component of his outlaw life, and he deals guns. To suggest that piece of his life could not impede and bleed into the other areas of his life and that he'd be able to keep them separate - to me that's irresponsible" and "ignorant."

Calling PTC "f***ing ridiculous," Sutter adds, "So again, a big thank you for the people who are tuning in, and until somebody kicks in my door and tackles me to the ground and cuts off my f***ing hands, I'm going to keep doing what I do. So f**k them. And thank you."

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