Amanda Bynes' Treatment Costs $3,500 a Day

September 03, 2013 09:25:33 GMT

Amanda reportedly has to pay $3,500 a day for her treatment and living expenses in psychiatric facility.

Amanda Bynes' Treatment Costs $3,500 a Day
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Amanda Bynes' psychiatric treatment at UCLA Medical Center apparently costs a lot. According to TMZ, the "Easy A" actress needs to pay as much as $3,500 a day for both treatment and living expenses.

Previously, the judge has granted her doctors' request to put her under long-term treatment. With the order, Amanda may stay in the facility up to one year. The doctors, however, are said planning to treat her for 2 months before giving her back to her family. Treatment for one year will cost $1,277,500 and her insurance does not cover all of the sum.

Amanda was hospitalized on a 5150 hold after she allegedly set a fire on a stranger's driveway in July. Daniel Herman of Chinga Chang Records, who contacted Amanda to negotiate a record deal before her hospitalization, spoke of the former Nickelodeon actress. "I've talked with Amanda a few times and she wants out. She sounded normal, lucid, chill and focused," he told Radar Online.


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posted by Bert on Sep 03, 2013
It seems to me she is being gouged. That is a lot of money for one day. Hopefully, someone is going over the bill, line by line.
posted by Bill Wildes on Sep 03, 2013
So what's the point? If she had cancer, would there even be a report on it? Yes, it's expensive to stay in a hospital whether she's in for mental illness or cancer.
posted by Evan J. Dukofsky on Sep 03, 2013
How is this any different than someone who is in a recovery unit, with no health insurance? TMZ stops at no bounds to shame someone who is innocent; a victim of a torturous childhood in the spotlight, which led to substance abuse, abandonment, and hospitalization!

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