'Pretty Little Liars' Summer Finale Sets Ratings and Social Media Records

'Pretty Little Liars' Summer Finale Sets Ratings and Social Media Records

The latest episode of the ABC Family series draws the biggest audience for the show's summer finale and becomes the most-tweeted episode to date.

Everyone was eager to find out who Red Coat is. With a promise of such big reveal, "Pretty Little Liars" managed to lure a huge number of audience to tune in to its summer finale on Tuesday, August 27.

According to ABC Family, the episode titled "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" posted the biggest audience for the series summer finale with 3.3 million total viewers. It also ranked 2 overall among its seven finales to date.

The said outing additionally posted records in several demographics. The latest summer finale became the series' #3 telecast of all time in women 18-34 (1.2 million) and women 18-49 (1.5 million), and the #4 telecast in ABC Family history in women 18-34. It also ranked as the #1 TV series of summer 2013 in females 12-34 and was the #1 cable TV series in women 18-34.

The show also became talk of the town on social media. During the airing of the episode, the teen drama series garnered nearly 1.9 million tweets, making it the most tweeted series TV episode to date.

The latest episode of "PLL" unmasked the person behind Red Coat and who "A" is. While [SPOILER ALERT!] Cece Drake was revealed as Red Coat, Ezra who entered "A's" lair is believed to be the Liars' tormentor all this time.

Ian Harding, who plays Ezra, refuses to confirm whether his character is indeed "A" or the shocking twist in the summer finale is another red herring situation like Toby. He, however, says that Ezra undergoes a "very swift character shift."

"What is the red herring deterring people away from? I mean, if it's, 'Oh, is Ezra 'A'?' I don't know yet. He could be," Harding tells TV Guide. "But there's definitely some shady dealings. We're not gonna get back to either the Halloween episode or the first episode back in 4B and ... be me coming into Aria's room saying like, 'Hey, I got lost in Ravenswood and found that apartment. What was that?' It's not going to be a one-off sort of thing. So it's going to be a different arc for Ezra this year."

"Pretty Little Liars" will air a special Halloween episode on October 22, followed by the season premiere of its spin-off "Ravenswood".

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