Debbie Rowe Recalls in Court How She Told Michael Jackson She Was Pregnant

Debbie Rowe

Jacko's former wife also addresses daughter Paris' suicide attempt, saying that the teen was still struggling to cope with her father's death.

Debbie Rowe was back on the witness stand Thursday, August 15 as Michael Jackson wrongful death trial continued. After expressing her concerns over Jacko's visits to his doctors in a previous testimony, the former wife of the late King of Pop has now dished on a few details of their relationship.

Rowe, who met MJ while she was working for dermatologist Arnold Klein, told the jurors Michael was devastated by his divorce from Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Presley's daughter. "I was trying to help him. I said, 'What's the thing that makes you the saddest?' He said, 'I never had any children,' " Rowe recalled. She then told him, "Let me have a baby with you. You can have the joy of being a parent."

They were married for three years until 1999. She remembered breaking her pregnancy news to the singer at Van Nuys Airport. A picture of her riding Harley with him, still in makeup from his "Ghost" video shoot, was shown in court. "He ran around the tarmac screaming," she said of his reaction to the baby news.

Rowe, who is the mother of MJ's two oldest children Prince and Paris, also addressed daughter's suicide attempt. "Their father is dead...I almost lost my daughter," she said. "She is devastated, she tried to kill herself. She doesn't feel she has a life anymore."

She gave up custody of the children to her former husband when they split, and she has no regret about leaving them with him. "Michael wanted to be a father," she reasoned. "I didn't sign on to be a mom. I loved him very much and I still do. I wanted him to be a father. I wanted him to have everything he didn't have growing up. I wanted him to experience it with his own children."

In her court testimony on the previous day, Rowe slammed Jackson's doctors for taking advantage of his "very low pain tolerance." She specifically called out her former employer Klein and plastic surgeon Steven Hoefflin who allegedly tried to one-up each other by prescribing Michael stronger drugs. "These idiots were going back and forth the whole time, not caring about him," she said.

"The only physician who ever did anything, the only physician who cared for Michael was Allan Metzger," she added. "I was probably one of the only ones who said no to MJ." The others did not act in his best interest and then Dr. Conrad Murray, she said, "got in there and killed him."



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