Katy Perry's Gold 'Prism' Truck Hit by Drunk Driver

Katy Perry

The singer's giant promotional truck for her upcoming album was hit while inside a Walmart parking lot.

The giant gold truck that's currently driving around the country to promote Katy Perry's upcoming third studio album "Prism" was hit by a drunk driver at a Walmart parking lot in Pennsylvania on Friday, August 9. A semi-truck crashed into the singer's promo truck causing considerable damage to the cab of the huge vehicle.

Luckily, no one riding on Perry's truck was harmed since the driver was inside the Walmart store at the time of the collision, while the passengers who were inside the truck at the time of the accident also went unscathed. Police said the driver of the semi-truck initially fled the scene but decided to return soon after to avoid worse consequences on top of the driving under the influence charges that will be filed against him.

Making light out of the situation after the news broke out was Perry's stylist Johnny Wujek who tweeted, "Can't slow us down." Indeed, it did not derail Perry from unveiling the latest in the series of clips she had been releasing to tease about her forthcoming new single "Roar". This one, entitled "Satin Cape", was a tad longer than the first three at 45-seconds, gladly so in order for fans to hear a little bit more of the new song than the five seconds snippet they got on "From a Meow to a Roar".

Sporting the blue jacket that she wears on the new single artwork she shared on Twitter the day before, Perry walks into a recording studio then puts on the headphones just before the snippet is played, where the artist proclaims, "You're gonna hear me roar." That "roar" will be heard in a few days time as the single will finally make its debut on August 12.

Katy Perry "Roar" teaser #4 - "Satin Cape":

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