Amanda Bynes' Parents Refuse to Pay for Fire Damages

July 24, 2013 05:53:18 GMT

The 'Easy A' star's father refuses to pay for the damages his daughter caused, claiming it was her own mess to clean up.

Amanda Bynes' Parents Refuse to Pay for Fire Damages
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Amanda Bynes' parents refuse to fix their neighbor's driveway where their troubled daughter previously set a fire. Her father Richard, who allegedly lives only a block away, adamantly tells TMZ that it was Amanda's responsibility.

Bonnie Braaten, the owner of the house where Amanda caused a ruckus with her campfire, reportedly turned down an offer from a neighbor who volunteered to clean up the mess. She believed the actress' parents should pay for the cleanup.

Amanda is currently placed on a psychiatric 5150 hold for mental evaluation after spotted with a gas can trailing fire at a random person's house in her hometown of in Thousand Oaks, California. She could face up to two weeks of additional psychological counseling if she is deemed a danger to herself and others.


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posted by J9 on Jul 24, 2013
That is what I was going to say. She is 26 years old. People are so stupid. Where have her parents been while she is obviously in need of some love, support & guidence? Or even 1 real friend. This girl needs someone.
posted by J on Jul 24, 2013
She is almost 30 years old, why would her parents pay
posted by Morty on Jul 24, 2013
Her parents have been trying to help Amanda but she refuses it. But maybe her parents should buy the lady one of those cool cobblestone driveways, with a hollywood star in the middle with the homeowners name on it, because they have a troubled 27 year old daughter. Or the owner can spend $20 to have the black mark spray-washed off.

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