Paris Jackson Reportedly Rejected by Rehab Facility Because of Paparazzi

July 02, 2013 09:22:23 GMT

A treatment facility for adolescent is said turning down Jackson family's request because they are afraid that paparazzi will disturb Paris and other patients who are treated in the facility.

Paris Jackson
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A rehab facility reportedly has turned down Paris Jackson's admission. According to a report from TMZ, Paris' doctors at UCLA Medical Center do not allow Michael Jackson's daughter to go home and ask her family to seek for more professional help, instead. They are worried that the teenager will try to kill herself again if she is at home.

Paris' mother, Debbie Rowe, reportedly has found a rehab facility in Utah and she wants Paris to be treated at the facility. The rehab center, however, is said rejecting Paris' admission because her presence in the facility will attract paparazzi. They are afraid that the photographers will disturb her as well as other patients.

Debbie is looking for other options, but she is not really satisfied with others. The family reportedly keeps trying to persuade the Utah rehab center. Paris currently stays at UCLA Medical Center's wing that helps patients with eating disorder, although she does not have eating problem. Her mother is said telling her friends, "It's just a tragedy. This girl needs help."

The 15-year-old teenager was rushed to hospital in an ambulance in early June following an apparent suicide attempt. Her mother told Entertainment Tonight at that time that her daughter had "a lot going on [lately]."


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posted by CSI on Jul 03, 2013
It's tough this age, I know. You are strong and beautiful. You could be a model, you could dance, I know you probably don't feel like doing these things. But when your ready, I'm sure you will do it.
posted by CSI on Jul 03, 2013
Find a Psychologist that you trust to talk about your issues.
posted by CSI on Jul 03, 2013
You will get through this. Think about all your family that loves you and supports you. I hope you find the right medication that will help you as it did me. I have taken many that didn't work for me and you have to make an effort on your part.
posted by CSI on Jul 03, 2013
I don't think Utah is the answer. I was in Provo Canyon School and it is the worst. Those Mormons are crazy. Paris, you have alot to live for. I think you prob. have a chemical inbalance, depression.

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