Lil Wayne Steps on American Flag During 'God Bless Amerika' Video Shoot

June 18, 2013 03:39:37 GMT

Footage from the rapper's latest video shoot where he walks on the American flag sparks controversy.

Lil Wayne Steps on American Flag During 'God Bless Amerika' Video Shoot
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Rap superstar Lil Wayne seems to be a controversy magnet. After his public beef with Miami pop rapper Pitbull over the Miami Heat issue back in February and the more recent lyric controversy involving slain civil rights figure Emmett Till which lost him his PepsiCo endorsement, he's back again in the eye of the storm, getting attention for a music video that he hasn't even premiered yet.

A one-minute raw footage from his latest music video shoot for his new single "God Bless Amerika", as leaked by a bystander, is the source of the New Orleans rapper's new troubles. It shows the "Rich as F*ck" artist rapping in front of a microphone stand with a large American flag as his backdrop, but as it fell to the ground to reveal the locals who were standing behind it, Wayne stepped on it and walked over it, with no one from the crew who were standing nearby bothering to pull the flag out from beneath him.

Criticism and even outrage over the act immediately popped up after the clip hit the internet over the weekend. Both his critics and even his own fans found the casual trampling disrespectful and unpatriotic. Some have even extended their dismay from the flag-stomping to the cut-off shirt he was wearing in the footage, which read, "Jesus saves, I spend," branding it offensive.

Taking aside the raw footage or the final music video that will come out from director Eif Rivera, the lyrics of its track "God Bless Amerika" are also getting its share of the attention. "My country 'tis of thee / Sweet land of kill 'em all and let 'em die / God bless Amerika / This so godless Amerika," raps Weezy.

Lil Wayne Tramples American Flag During Video Shoot:


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posted by the riddler on Jun 19, 2013
#Notime4gamez .... its obvious you dont have anything including a post middle school education. Thank you for being ignorant. It makes me look smarter in contrast.
posted by Betterthanthat! on Jun 18, 2013
What a piece of GARBAGE!!!!
posted by lauren on Jun 18, 2013
So? With all the hate and finger pointing. Really. America is full of jealousy, how can you be patriotic? I'll step on it
posted by Becca Atwater on Jun 18, 2013
That flag gives you the right to say what you want. Don't disrespect it! How dare you!
posted by Rio on Jun 18, 2013
Fuck this hateful,satanic loving nation and the crackas who run it!
posted by NoTime4Gamez on Jun 18, 2013
Basically u say put him(all non whites) back on ah boat and send us back over the waters. Thatz like saying send y'all(whites) back up ur mothers P#*+? where u came from... Ain't No Sunshine. Thatz RACES. LIL WAYNE I AGREE "FUCK DA WORLD" from a broke N%$-* who ain't or got S%@&..
posted by me8up on Jun 18, 2013
His so called music is trash, so is he. Don't like the USA, put him back on the boat to Africa
posted by assandberg on Jun 18, 2013
F that SOB. No respect having MF. No one in the crowd had the sense to set him straight???? Disgraceful.
posted by kelis on Jun 18, 2013
I admit it could be pull under but I bet alot of u talking sh*t on him do things that disrespect the country in your on way so clam down and than a sit

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