Paris Jackson to Undergo Intense Therapy in Treatment Facility

Paris Jackson

After a failed suicide attempt, Michael Jackson's daughter is reportedly set to embark on a long road to recovery.

Following her unsuccessful attempt to take her life, Paris Jackson is reported to spend time in a treatment facility where she will undergo two weeks of "intense therapy" to kick off her summer. The 15-year-old celebrity and her guardians in the Jackson family have yet to decide on which treatment facility she will be entered into before she spends time with biological mother Debbie Rowe.

"She has a couple weeks of very intense therapy [ahead of her] before anything else happens. Where she does it all depends on the best place," an insider revealed. Paris was hospitalized on June 5 for an alleged suicide attempt by overdosing on pills.

Paris is set to spend the summer with Rowe after daughter and mom recently rekindled their relationship and who apparently "have become very close." "The plan was to spend time with her mother and enjoy her company. They share a love of animals and, 'when [Paris] is out at the ranch, she doesn't have bodyguards or drivers. It is a lot more of a normal setting,' " the source added.

Paris' hospitalization this month is reportedly not the first time she has checked into the UCLA Medical Center where she was transferred to from her initial confinement at the Children's Hospital in Calabasas. The source said, "She has been seeking treatment periodically over the past year" while "wrestling depression" that may have began from her late father Michael's death many years ago.




    Jun 15, 2013

    Problem is does the kid see that Latoya is just using her - its obvious that the film is on hold because of Paris needed more acting lessons - (as per the producer's suggestion) and its obvious Latoya is using this suicide attempt as an opportunity to pump Paris' image. there have been other sick attempts to try and sexualize her for PR - like the "leaked" story that she was recovering from the love of an older man, interviews in her bedroom etc. - the PR tactics of this sick family are obvious and sad. I'll assume this "I'm better than Justin" and catering to those who now hate him is yet another PR move by Latoya - sad thing is that Paris doesn't know all this nonscene will just lead her to a horrible image. The kid should be allowed to go live with Debbie - but obviously Debbie is afraid to even allow it for fear of the Jackson's greed - they probably kept Paris locked up longer than most in her situation to talk "sense into her" so she would stops wanting to be with Debbie. After all grandma needs the money to buy toilet paper for when they visit Papa Joe and the mansion Janet got him but won't buy poop paper for. Poor kid

    Jun 15, 2013

    oh my poor child, they have gotten to you too...

    Jun 15, 2013


    Jun 15, 2013


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