Lindsay Lohan's Parents Reportedly Fight on Filming Set

Lindsay Lohan's Parents Reportedly Fight on Filming Set

Michael and Dina Lohan reportedly have stopped making truce after they were involved in a feud during a show filming in Los Angeles.

Lindsay Lohan's parents, who made peace for the sake of their oldest child, apparently are no longer in peaceful state. According to TMZ, Michael and Dina Lohan are back in bitter terms after they exploded on the filming set of conflict resolution talk show "The Test" in Los Angeles.

The filming of the show, which uses lie detector and DNA test as parts of conflict resolutions, reportedly went well at first. However, the couple's talk got heated and it escalated to the full scale after the topic of infidelity was brought up. A source said that the couple accused each other of lying and fought over who should have been responsible for Lindsay's condition. The source also noted that Michael took two lie detector tests, while Dina refused to take any.

In other news, Michael lashes out at Samantha Ronson for taking advantage of his daughter's fame. Samantha, who dated Lindsay on and off between 2008 and 2009, is also accused of treating Lindsay badly. "Lindsay was in a pretty OK place at the time - until she got involved with Samantha," Michael said in Nik Richie's radio show.

"Samantha got Lindsay at a very vulnerable time in her life. When her mom and dad were going through a divorce and Lindsay started drinking and partying and didn't know where to go. Samantha got her when she was down.Samantha dragged her to the level which is below the barrel," Lindsay's father said.

"Where's Samantha now? Do you see Samantha in the press? Do you see her getting press? No! Because she's not with Lindsay anymore, that's pretty pathetic! Samantha was always spinning for $500 at a club, after she met Lindsay she would get in excess of $25,000. People use Lindsay like that, she's very susceptible," he said of the DJ.

In the radio show, Michael also claimed that his daughter was not lesbian and her past relationship with Samantha was just an "experiment." Michael said, "When she became a lesbian? [You mean] when she experimented. She's with guys now. She met Samantha and then she went back to being with guys again."



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