'Nymphomaniac' Releases Cast Photo Featuring Shia LaBeouf in Compromising Position

'Nymphomaniac' Releases Cast Photo Featuring Shia LaBeouf in Compromising Position

The painting-like picture teases the erotic tone of the Lars Von Trier-directed flick and pokes fun at his controversial Nazi remarks.

The first cast photo of "Nymphomaniac" has been unveiled ahead of its Christmas release on December 25. The tableau displays the film's erotic tone, showing the all-star cast in various compromising positions that evoke scenes from porn movies.

A shirtless Shia LaBeouf is lying on the floor being straddled by a sexy brunette who wears an unbuttoned top. Uma Thurman, wearing full clothes on, is putting one foot on a table as Udo Kier is trying to take a peek up her skirt from underneath the table.

Nearby, Willem Dafoe with a glass in each hand is standing in front of a kneeling blonde who seems to help him clean his crotch stain. Behind them, Stellan Skarsgard clad in a robe is occupying a sofa as a woman is sitting on the backrest with her legs akimbo next to him.

There is also Charlotte Gainsbourg, who plays the sex-crazed character of the film. She sits on a chair with legs spread as Christian Slater is kneeling before her.

Lars Von Trier doesn't hold back. Aside from showing porn theme, it also gives a cheeky reference to his controversial Hitler comments that got him banned from Cannes two years ago. With his mouth duct-taped, he is seen filming with a small digital video camera.

The movie caused a buzz when LaBeouf said he was willing to perform a real sexual act to make it more believable. Revolving around a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who's found beaten in an alley and then recalls for her rescuer the story of her life, it will be made in two version, the explicit version and tame one.

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