Michael Jackson's Nephew: He Was My Support System as I Went Through Sexual Abuse Myself

Michael Jackson

Taj Jackson explains that Michael would never sexually abuse a child because his uncle was his rock when he himself suffered molestation at the hands of another uncle.

Michael Jackson's nephew Taj made a shocking revelation to defend his late uncle against Wade Robson's sexual abuse claim. Taj called BS on Wade's accusations, revealing that MJ was the one who offered him and his mother full support when he himself was molested by an uncle in their family when he was just a kid.

"What people will $ay and do for money and to $tay relevant is $ickening. De$perate times call for De$perate mea$ures. #Money," Taj slammed Wade on Twitter. "I will not sit back and let someone flat out lie about my uncle. PERIOD. I am writing these words knowing that the minute I press send, my life will never be the same afterwards..."

"I was sexually abuse(d). By an uncle on my mom's side of the family when I was a kid," he opened up his own dark past to give an understanding as to why MJ would never do such thing. "My uncle was a support system for me and my mom. He wrote a letter to her that many have seen already, u just didn't know what it was about."

"That is how I KNOW Wade is lying. Because I AM a survivor," he went on, saying that he relived the horrific memories with his hands trembling. "Don't forget I was living at Neverland when Wade testified during my uncle's case. I sat there and ate dinner with him and his family. I will not let them smear my Uncle's legacy. #Followthetrail."

"I don't want to go on TV. I don't want publicity, I just want the truth," he explained, adding that Michael would always have his loyalty because of what the late King of Pop did to help him go through the abuse ordeal. "I always told my uncle Michael that I would take a bullet for him. I mean it today just as much as I meant it back then."

"I hate that Wade made me do this, this way. But since my uncle Michael is no longer here to defend himself. I will," he concluded, thanking fans for their outpouring support. "Those who seek only fame & $ will do or say anything they can to get it. Those who seek or fight for the truth should be equally determined."

When TMZ caught up with Jermaine Jackson, he was asked to comment about Taj's confession. "I've never heard that. I've never ever heard that," he said in shock.

Wade himself recently spoke out about his allegations against Michael on "Today" show. The dancer who often stayed in Michael's house with his sister when he was a kid called the late singer a "pedophile and a child sexual abuser." The choreorapher claimed, "He performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him."

"From day one of the abuse, Michael told me that we loved each other and that this was love, that this was an expression of our love. And then you follow that up with 'but if you ever tell anyone what we're doing, both of our lives and our career will be over,' " Wade claimed.

When asked about his testimony that helped Michael acquitted of child molestation charges years ago, Wade insisted he wasn't lying back then but hadn't yet come to terms with what had happened to him. He called it a product of Michael's "complete manipulation and brainwashing," claiming he was trained for the trial.

Having his own son two years ago made him face up the truth, he said. "I became a father two and a half years ago to this beautiful baby boy and during the first 18 months of his life I collapsed into two nervous breakdowns, terrifying nervous breakdowns, ... imagining him being a victim of the sexual abuse that I was at the hands of Michael," he stated.

"I understand completely how hard it is to understand this," he said, denying he did it for money. "That being said, the idea that I would make all of this up and put myself, my wife, my son, my entire family through this extremely stressful and painful experience all for the sake of money is completely incomprehensible."

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    May 19, 2013

    I think Wade and the Maid are full of BS. I am a survivor of Sexual Abuse myself. For 3 yrs I was molested by a family member then by a family friend as well. There is no way possible that you could sit in a court room lookin at the person that suposidely did these kinds of things to you and state they never happend without having flash backs of what happend if they happend. You would end up breaking down and spilling your guts right then and there. There wouldn't be all these years of finally having a breakdown. Yeah, I did block the other one out for years till the abuser came back into my life and mentioned what he did. but if it happend for as many years as Wade claims there would be no blocking it out because you would NEVER beable to be in the same room with an adult and have them even put a hand on your shoulder without pulling away and never trusting an adult period. So he's totally full of BS.The maid is just out for money period, She's been proven to be a pathalogical liar. I know how Taj feels because I've been in his shoes. It's something you never forget. nor is there a day that goes by that it doesn't effect your everyday life.

    May 17, 2013

    I believe Wade and the Maid that during the Trial stated she saw things going on! Ricky Martin also didn't tell the truth on the stand!

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