Brad Paisley's 'Accidental Racist' Ft. LL Cool J Sparks Controversy

April 09, 2013 07:42:06 GMT

The country crooner's controversial new song with the rapper addresses such issues as racism and slavery.

Brad Paisley
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A new country-rap song collaboration from artists Brad Paisley and LL Cool J has sparked reactions from the online community. Entitled "Accidental Racist", the track which appears on Paisley's new album "Wheelhouse" addresses such issues as racism, the Confederacy and slavery.

With such lyrics as "I'm a white man, living in the south land" and "caught between Southern pride and Southern blame," Paisley sings about not being a racist in today's modern times but living with the stigma of the past. "I'm proud of where I'm from, but not everything we've done," claims the "Whiskey Lullaby" singer.

He then waxes unapologetic with "it ain't like you and me can rewrite history / Our generation didn't start this nation / and we're still picking up the pieces / walking on eggshells / fighting over yesterday." As if responding to the above-mentioned part, LL Cool J raps back in his verse, "Just because my pants are saggin' / doesn't mean I'm up to no good / You should try to get to know me / I really wish you would / Now my chains are gold but I'm still misunderstood."

As Twitter users are calling the well-intentioned but not so well-received new song inappropriate and a huge mistake for both artists, Paisley insists that "this isn't a stunt. This isn't something that I just came up with just to be sort of shocking or anything like that. I knew it would be, but I'm sort of doing it in spite of that, really."

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posted by Whatever on Apr 09, 2013
Nate, you are the definition of an idiot. Case closed.
posted by monty on Apr 09, 2013
I think ll may have stepped in it this time
posted by swampchick on Apr 09, 2013
Im proud to be Southern and from a time where we are able to stand on stage together and be friends. I love LL and I love Brad. So from the 40 crowd keep on keepin on ! ;-)
posted by Nate Higgers on Apr 09, 2013
What White people need to finally realize, is that n1ggers will hate us no matter how many food stamps/welfare checks we give the worthless begging n1ggers. They are mad at the world for being born into a life of inferiority, subhumanity, and filth. You could give them a million dollars each, and they'll still rob, rape, and kill you, just because they know that they have the misfortune of being born as worthless n1gger apes.

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