Matt Lauer Tweets Apology to Former 'Today' Intern Who Said He Was 'Not So Nice'

Matt Lauer Tweets Apology to Former 'Today' Intern Who Said He Was 'Not So Nice'

The 'Today' host says he's 'always tried to be nice' to Mark Zinni and says sorry if the former intern didn't feel it that way.

Matt Lauer is entangled in another drama amidst a lot of whispers that he's in jeopardy of losing his job as "Today" anchor. Words run rampant on the web that the NBC presenter was "no so nice" to Mark Zinni, a reporter who once became an intern on the morning show in 1997.

While Lauer remains mum about the rumors he's on the verge of getting replaced by NBC, he takes a different approach to respond to his alleged unwelcoming demeanor towards Zinni. "@MarkZinni huh?" he wrote. "Always tried to be nice Mark. Sorry you didn't think so. Hope you're doing well."

The Lauer-Zinni saga began after Daren Sweeney, an executive producer at Cleveland's Fox 8 News where Zinni is now working, tweeted early March 26, "I was just a young kid with a bright future ahead of me,' @markzinni talking about internship at @todayshow and 'not so nice' @MLauer."

As the story was picked up by the media and made headlines everywhere, not to mention that supporters from both sides weighed in on it, Zinni responded in a series of tweets and replies, many of which were cheeky comments. "I could use a weekend retreat in the quiet country ;)" he wrote.

"Will this be on my tombstone? They're taking my tweets seriously, which can be harmful to your health," he added. "Folks, if I didn't laugh at this stuff..... I would have crawled into a hole by now." On a serious note, he said his comment "wasn't hateful or a bully." He just answered a question in "a non-negative way."

The newscaster additionally explained himself in Fox 8's blog post titled "Mark Zinni's Side." He began, "I'm not in the business of being 'in' the news, but since I am, here's my take on something that has gotten a little out of control."

"It was a long, long time ago when I spent a summer in New York City and had an amazing internship at the Today Show. 1997 was a great year, but let's fast forward to Tuesday, March 26, 2013," he explained. "Darren Sweeney, an executive producer at FOX 8, asked about my experience with Matt Lauer."

"If you know me, you probably know that I don't take myself too seriously. So, my answer was more of a joke about being young and naive during my time at Today, but I added that he wasn't nice to me," he went on. "I didn't slam the guy, I just made an honest comment."

"I'm not disgruntled," he continued, "but I am someone who's happy to be working at the best station in my hometown with wonderful people. By the way, Katie [Couric] and Ann [Curry] were great, but now I start my day with FOX 8 News in the Morning." His last statement might be directed to those who believed that he's eying to replace Lauer.



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