'The View' Rep on Elisabeth Hasselbeck Exit Rumors: She Has a Long-Term Contract

March 09, 2013 02:48:20 GMT

Hasselbeck was reported to leave the ABC talk show at the end of the current season because viewers found her 'too extreme and right wing.'

'The View' Rep on Elisabeth Hasselbeck Exit Rumors: She Has a Long-Term Contract
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A day after Joy Behar announced her departure from "The View", it's reported that Elisabeth Hasselbeck might follow the same route. Quickly responding to the swirling rumors, a representative for the show says, "Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a valued member of The View and has a long-term contract."

Rumors of Hasselbeck's exit started to spread as a so-called insider told Us Weekly, "The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing. People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth. So they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed." She was said to be leaving the talk show at the end of the current season.

Other sources told NY Daily News that Barbara Walters, the co-creator and original cast member of "The View", was considering stepping down as well. However, the veteran journalist and her rep refused to comment on the news.

Meanwhile, Behar and ABC had made it official that Behar would not return to the next season of "The View". Her contract will expire in August, the same month the show will wrap up its 16th season.

Explaining her reason to quit the talk show, Behar said, "It seemed like the right time. You reach a point when you say to yourself, 'Do I want to keep doing this?' There are other things on my plate I want to do - I've been writing a play, I've been neglecting my standup."

Behar and Walters are the only remaining original cast members of "The View". Hasselbeck, meanwhile, joined the show in 2003, following Lisa Ling's departure in 2002.


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posted by carol22l on Mar 12, 2013
I don't watch that crap anyway because of the liberal blow hard women they have on there. they have ONE lady representing conservatives and a million bitter women representing the left. Sounds like bias to me. If it truly were being fair it would be an a show with 2 conservatives, 2 libs, and 2 independents.
posted by mymy on Mar 11, 2013
Elizabeth does her research in order to support her right ring wing thoughts. Her conservative politics is not the problem. Her problem is she has tunnel vision. It's either black or white (no racial intent here). She is not old enough to know the history of why liberals are against certain things. Some people have actually lived the events of history. Example Brown vs. the United States. Were it not for government interference, the Afro-American people wouls still be attending inferior schools. Schools where the books issued to them were the old edition after the whites discarded them for new editions. Yet, The Blacks were paying their share of taxes. The government had to actually enact voting rights laws so that blacks could be allowed to vote, the very basic freedom allowed in the great USA! Elizabeth study the opposing views then defend conservatism.
posted by Gracie\'s Mom on Mar 10, 2013
What I have a hard time is listening to her Gracie Allen voice, constant interrupting and ‘holier than thou’ attitude. For example; when the lawyers are talking about cases in the news she butts in like she’s credible. For God’s sake, she’s going off notes given to her before show from Producers. Quit interrupting the lawyers! I want to hear what they have to offer on the subject not hers. Rather than listen, she speaks louder just to be heard. If you watch the attorney’s, it’s like WHO IS SHE! When the President or Mrs. Obama is on the show, as much as she hates them, she’s right there ‘like a dog in heat’! Whoopi knows when to not say anything rather than embarrass herself or the show. I think once she did walk off the stage, but did it quietly. Take a note Elisabeth!
posted by carol on Mar 09, 2013
Bye, bye Elizabeth!!About time they got rid of your nasty attitude.I love the View and everyone except you.It will be great to watch it now.I really like Joy.Love her honesty and sence of humor.Love that Barbra to.
posted by jl2130 on Mar 09, 2013
Keep Elisabeth and replace the resigning Joy Behar with a conservative thinker. The show should have more balance in liberal-conservative VIEWpoints representing our millions of population who think each way. Why should the show be so slanted one way or the other?
posted by xofotrehdnes on Mar 09, 2013
Any opinions on the subject of self-serving, narcissistic sophistry? Is it conceivable that sodomites and other liberals might sometimes engage in such a thing?
posted by TAllulah on Mar 08, 2013
What would Elizabeth do? A Retribution season of Survivor? She is not pleasant to listen to and easy to turn off. She is mean and loud. I do like her face when a guest snubs her. That is entertaining. For a headache watch The View, For a good time tune into The Talk.
posted by sendhertofox on Mar 08, 2013
Send her over to FOX News. She'll fit right in. And anyone saying that she's not extreme or too far to the Right, has either never watched the show or they're just lying to themselves, hoping others will believe what they say. Typical GOP, just say it long enough and hope that some idiots will believe you.
posted by dingle99 on Mar 08, 2013
Is she really that extreme? I doubt it or she wouldn't have made the cut in the first place. I find most of these hags annoying even when i agree with them politically. maybe they should get some lady who dresses up like a KKK member or gives a nazi salute - now that would be my idea of extreme! der hasslebeck has left the room
posted by flexx on Mar 08, 2013
Hasselbeck is Terrible, too Replublican & her views are too right wing! Joy was the Best one on the show! & by the way U haters, The polls faver Prez Obama, so stick that first amendment ! U too Fox, Fake NEWS..
posted by Debbie on Mar 08, 2013
The only one of them that does not annoy me is Whoopi, Walters should have retired 10 years ago.
posted by Terry on Mar 08, 2013
I really cant stand the show anyway, my wife watches because she sees some entertainment in it. Liz is the only bright spot on it. If Liz goes they might as well replace her with Rachel Madcow for a full dose of liberal lunacy.
posted by taji on Mar 08, 2013
They should all thorw in the towel the show stinks!
posted by jane on Mar 08, 2013
The whiners polled who say Hasselbeck is too right wing are the same First Amendment haters who want to shut down Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and any other entity who espouse a more conservative agenda or disagree with their views in general.
posted by the view on Mar 08, 2013
when elizabeth leave so will I. The other four made me throw up after the way Obama was treated. I guess they only like failures like Obama. They cater to Liars like Obama
posted by view elizabeth on Mar 08, 2013
I will not watch the view if elizabeth is not on. If anything the view is way too far left and too rude to a person is on the right. so goodbye view
posted by CutRidge on Mar 08, 2013
If Elisabeth goes they will have to change the name of the View to the Old and Ugly.

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