Michael Jackson Lawsuit Against AEG Live Concerning Dr. Conrad Murray Hiring Goes to Trial

Michael Jackson

Katherine Jackson will start trial April 2 to prove that the concert promoter had negligently allowed Dr. Conrad Murray to care exclusively for her son and failed to properly supervise him while he was doing his duty.

Katherine Jackson is given a chance to prove her claim that AEG Live had negligently hired and supervised Dr. Conrad Murray when he served to care for Michael Jackson's health during the preparation of "This Is It" concert series. A trial is scheduled to start April 2.

The lawsuit was filed in September 2010. Besides accusing the concert promoter of negligence in hiring and supervising the former cardiologist, the mother believes the company was responsible for the doctor's conduct and breached its duty to properly care for the late star.

Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos dismissed all claims except for one count about the potential negligence in AEG Live's part for hiring Murray who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after it's found that he provided the King of Pop with a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol.

In a Monday hearing, Katherine's lawyer Kevin Boyle blamed AEG Live for failing to properly investigate Murray before agreeing to pay him to care for MJ's physical well-being. The company should have known that the doctor's debt problems could create a serious conflict between his duty to treat the singer safely and his own financial issues.

Meanwhile, a lawyer for the promoter giant insisted Murray was not employed by the company. They're confident that the Jackson team would not be able to prove that the doctor was a danger to the "Thriller" hitmaker. Thus, they expect to win the case.

Jackson passed away at the age of 50 during the final preparation of his highly-anticipated London concerts. His death came before Murray could finalize his contract that would earn him $150,000 a month.

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    Mar 04, 2013

    Not even a child would ever believe that AEG didn't know about the atrocities that Murray was doing with Michael's health, and even less that they had no responsability on it. Because Michael's health was not a minor detail in the million-dollar project of 50 concerts AEG was engaged in. On the contrary, the whole business depended on Michael's health. Thus, the first thing they should have made sure was that Michael's health was IN THE BEST HANDS AND NOT MURRAY'S HANDS, WHICH WERE THE WORST HANDS. So no way anyone would ever believe that AEG did not know or care about WHO and HOW was treating Michael's health. In fact truth is that AEG hired Murray -THE WORST DOCTOR THEY COULD FIND- to kill Michael Jackson, because THE BIG BUSINESS did not depend on preserving Michael's health but, on the contrary, on KILLING MICHAEL for then, through a forged will, robbing him of his legacy. Thus, the whole world will be supporting Michael's mother, Mrs. Katherine Jackson, in this trial in her quest for Justice for her dearest son and our beloved Michael. And we'll be looking forward that this mafia of AEG be convicted and punish with all the weight of the law.

    Mar 03, 2013

    How about suing the Jacksons family for not visiting with they're son ,brother to check on he's well being ..

    Mar 03, 2013

    How about suing Katherine Jackson for being a negligent mother? Seems much more plausible.

    Mar 03, 2013

    I wonder to what end?

    Mar 03, 2013

    What a money grubbing family. They leeched off him all his life and now they want to steal the money from his fake children. Its disgusting that they go on and on with schemes to get his estate instead of earning an honest dollar themselves. I agree with AK and Kalilella totally. AFA liane...people can say what they want. If you can't take the truth don't read it.

    Mar 03, 2013

    So, is every adopted,IVF child a 'fake kid?' What a ridiculous, ignorant statement.

    Mar 03, 2013

    Truly believe they just want more money mj was grown enough to make his own decisions and was probably already shooting before dude came in the picture

    Mar 03, 2013

    The Jackson family is not responsible for his death. MJ, although brilliant, was a recluse and estranged from his immediate family. So if they wanted to check on his well being most likely would have been denied.

    Mar 03, 2013

    How bout keeping your mouths shut and not say who should be sued? You know nothing really, and judge them like you so. Let the family handle their business as they want. is their problems. Is HER son. Leave them alone.

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