Robert Plant Gets Teary Watching Led Zeppelin Tribute in Kennedy Center Honors

December 27, 2012 07:29:50 GMT

The frontman of the English rock band got emotional when Heart played one of their classics, 'Stairway to Heaven', at the tribute show.

Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin
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Photo credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN

In a broadcast of the pre-taped 35th annual Kennedy Center Honors, Robert Plant appeared to be overwhelmed with emotion when Heart paid tribute to his band Led Zeppelin. The English singer got teary when "Stairway to Heaven" was played at the Kennedy Center Opera House. Another classic "Whole Lotta Love" was delivered by Lenny Kravitz.

"The jams of Led Zeppelin are second to none," presenter Jack Black gushed. "Just ask anyone, from Oliver Stone to Paul Ryan and everyone in between! They sang songs about love, about Vikings, about Vikings making love. You know, they say Led Zeppelin sold their souls to Satan. Come on, guys, you know you did. There's no other way to explain your ungodly talents!"

Along with the two other surviving members of the rock band John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page, Plant got a medallion from President Barack Obama for his contribution in influencing American culture through art. The other guests of honor were "Late Night" host David Letterman, actor Dustin Hoffman, Chicago bluesman Buddy Guy and famed ballerina Natalia Makarova.

Laughters broke out when Obama called the honorees "some extraordinary people who have no business being on the same stage together." He said, "We've got Buddy Guy sitting next to Dustin Hoffman. We've got Dave Letterman alongside one of the greatest ballerinas of all time. I don't think Dave dances." He jokingly added that he found "no smooth transition from ballet to Led Zeppelin."

The commander-in-chief jokingly thanked the rockers for behaving themselves at the White House given that they often left "hotel rooms trashed and mayhem all around" in the past. The president quipped, "It's fitting that we're doing this in a room with windows that are about three inches thick and Secret Service all around." On a serious note, he praised the band for defining "the rock-and-roll lifestyle."


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posted by Richie Walnuts on Jan 02, 2013
I think Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham need to plant their foot on Robert Plants ass multiple times, for being so STUPID to waste his time with these bands to nowhere, when he could have been creating a "refreshing" second leg of Led Zep history with new Led Zep tunes and some tours. After page - jones and bonham finish booting Plant in the ass for an hour or two, there are about 100 million other people next in line. Sorry....but the truth can sometimes literally hurt. OUCH..........
posted by Kilgore Trout on Dec 27, 2012
Robert Plant cries over his own choice. What a douchbag.

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