Picture: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Go Skiing in Utah

Picture: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Go Skiing in Utah

The 'Begin Again' singer and the One Direction boybander are pictured enjoying a lunch at the Canyons Resort in Park City.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles continued to spend some quality time together. The 23-year-old country/pop singer was spotted at the Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah with the One Direction boybander for a holiday ski trip on December 21.

The sighting was informed by a fellow visitor who quickly posted a picture as a proof. Keeping themselves warm in jackets and snow caps, the young couple was seen enjoying a lunch together. They were reportedly joined by her brother Austin.

Taylor seemingly wanted to keep a low profile as she denied a request to take a picture with the excited fan but was nice enough to speak her. "Omg OMG omg what are the odds. T swift just talked to me and said it was nice meeting me," Ellen Dreher wrote.

Taylor and Harry reportedly left Los Angeles on late Thursday, December 20 after he appeared on "The X Factor (US)" finale. The 18-year-old singer took the stage with his One Direction bandmates, performing their single "Kiss You".

Previously, Taylor and Harry were seen hanging out with her mom Andrea and went grocery shopping together. He reportedly stayed over at his girlfriend's house since coming back to the States after visiting his home country with her.

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