Bruno Mars Debuts at No. 2 in the Billboard 200 Behind Taylor Swift

Bruno Mars Debuts at No. 2 in the Billboard 200 Behind Taylor Swift

The Hawaiian popstar falls short of the no. 1 spot as the country music sweetheart still reigns at the top spot.

Despite a carrier single "Locked Out of Heaven" that is currently at the no. 1 spot in the Hot 100 charts, Bruno Mars' "Unorthodox Jukebox" debuted only at no. 2 in the Billboard 200 charts this week. Even if its 192,000 units gave Mars his best sales week ever, the album's sellings wasn't enough to edge out Taylor Swift's 208,000 sellings for "Red" which maks her no. 1 again this week for a fifth non-consecutive week at the top spot.

"Unorthodox Jukebox" debuted with record sales that exceeded expectations, as forecasts pegged within the range of 140,000 to 150,000. It had eventually reached 192,000 units sold, thanks mainly to the busy shopping weekend that saw fans trooping to the stores to pick up a copy of Mars' second studio album. His first studio effort, "Doo - Wops & Hooligans", debuted at no. 3 in the charts in Christmas of 2010, with 84,000 copies sold.

One Direction's sophomore album, "Take Me Home", stayed at the no. 4 spot this week in spite of a 19% increase in sales (127,000), behind Michael Buble's "Christmas" album which posted the highest jump in records sold at 30% (138,000). "Take Me Home" exceeded the 1 million mark this week with a running total of 1.04 million units, making One Direction the only act to sell a million copies of two different albums this year. The other album being the British-Irish boy band's debut "Up All Night", which now at 1.5 million copies sold.

Last week's no. 3, Rod Stewart's "Merry Christmas, Baby" went down to the no. 5 spot with a 15% drop from its total last week (108,000). Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire" also suffered the same fate this week as it further slipped to no. 9 from last week's no. 7 spot, with its record sales going down by 21% (61,000).

"American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips and "The Voice" coach Blake Shelton continued to stay in the Billboard 200 charts this week, steady at the no. 7 and no. 8 spots respectively. Phillips' "The World from the Side of the Moon" and Shelton's "Cheers It's Christmas" almost identical with 68,000 units sales each.

Hip-hop artist The Game's fifth studio album "Jesus Piece" debuted in the top 10 at no. 6 with 86,000 copies sold. Lady Antebellum's "On This Winter's Night" climbed onto the top 10 this week, rounding up the top 10 with 60,000 in record sales.

Billboard 200

  1. Taylor Swift - "Red" (208,000)
  2. Bruno Mars - "Unorthodox Jukebox" (192,000)
  3. Michael Buble - "Christmas" (138,000)
  4. One Direction - "Take Me Home" (127,000)
  5. Rod Stewart - "Merry Christmas, Baby" (108,000)
  6. The Game - "Jesus Piece" (86,000)
  7. Phillip Phillips - "The World From the Side of the Moon" (68,000)
  8. Blake Shelton - "Cheers It's Christmas" (68,000)
  9. Alicia Keys - "Girl on Fire" (61,000)
  10. Lady Antebellum - "On This Winter's Night" (60,000)



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