Patty Griffin and Robert Plant Perform Together in Austin Benefit Show

Patty Griffin and Robert Plant Perform Together in Austin Benefit Show

The recently-married Griffin and Plant perform their hits in an intimate benefit show in Austin, Texas.

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Patty Griffin was performing onstage at Austin's Continental Club on Saturday night, December 15, when she paused to introduce her husband, Led Zeppelin's frontman Robert Plant, as her "driver" to the amused crowd. The rock legend went up the stage, wearing a black chauffeur's cap which he laughingly took off before performing Griffin's new song "Ohio".

"Three years ago a guy with big hair and a British accent called me and said he needed help singing on their record," Griffin told the concertgoers during the first show of the two-night benefit. "I followed him on the road for 18 months and after it all he said he'd be my driver." The recently-married Plant and Griffin were scheduled to appear at both nights of the show staged for the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians medical assistance program, which included Griffin's longtime friend Michael Fracasso.

Both husband and wife performed each of their own songs and several covers of Led Zeppelin's hits, including the band's "Band of Joy" record which first brought them together. Although Griffin officially top billed the show, Plant's rendition of Led Zeppelin's classics were the obvious attraction for most of the audience. Plant, together with the other members of the band recently received Kennedy Center honors from President Barack Obama.

There were a lot of respect and admiration between the two artists as they breezed through 17 songs in their entire set. Loving gazes were constantly exchanged and anecdotes about their tour were shared throughout the night's performance.




    Belialith Gurdjieff
    Jan 08, 2013

    "Travelling Riverside Blues" Well I know my baby, If I see her in the dark I said I know my writer, If I see her in the dark She's a kindhearted lady. She studies evil all the time She's a kindhearted woman. She studies evil all the time Asked sweet mama, Let me be her kid She said, "You might get hurt if you don't keep it hid" She's gotta mortgage on my body, got a lien on my soul

    Jan 06, 2013

    What a calculated review. Nobody cares if Robert n' Patty are hittin' it. Too bad Robert Plants' money can not buy him class. It's just another ambitious day in the life of any empty man with nothing to say unless its at the expense of another. What a pathetic MO.

    Jan 05, 2013

    Show was amazing. Got to talk to the happy couple backstage where Robert got a nice extra contribution out of me and my wife for the cause. Just a wonderfully joyous evening in ATX

    Dec 26, 2012

    Secure much?

    Dec 22, 2012

    Got to see the show Sunday night and it was amazing! Such a beautiful couple and what a show!!! I will never forget it.

    Dec 21, 2012

    Phony review

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