Rumor: Lindsay Lohan Struggling to Pay Her Rent

December 10, 2012 05:55:41 GMT

LiLo reportedly wants to get out of the lease, but the owners of the house tell her the penalty of breaking the lease is massive.

Lindsay Lohan
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Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

Lindsay Lohan may be in danger of getting kicked out of a Beverly Hills home she's currently staying. According to a report from TMZ, she barely has money to pay her monthly rent and wants to back out of the lease she signed earlier this year after she was signed on to "Liz & Dick".

She's confident that her role as Hollywood dame Elizabeth Taylor in the TV movie would put her acting career back on fast track, but it turned out the project was panned by critics. Her tax debt that led to IRS seizing her bank accounts is believed have made the situation worse for her.

The lease will end in February 2013. LiLo reportedly does whatever it takes to make it work because the owners of the home warned her that the penalty for breaking the lease was massive. The troubled star allegedly plans to move to New York, where her mother stays, once the lease is over.

In related news, LiLo was rumored backing out of her deal with "Million Dollar Decorators". She initially agreed to appear on the Bravo TV show for exchange of free renovation for her L.A. home. She was allegedly cooperative at first, but became difficult to work with when it's time for the big reveal of the project that cost $200,000.


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posted by karan on Dec 11, 2012
Who cares. Can we get to the interesting news now?
posted by RONI on Dec 10, 2012
This is so sad, her life reminds me of Anna Nicoles'. She needs help and this legal system is only enabling her. Pray peace, healing and love for Lindsay. Love covers a multitude of sins.
posted by Kell on Dec 10, 2012
The last sentence makes zero sense...starts off past tense and then switches over to present. Also, what home was being renovated? The one she's currently leasing? Why would she spend 200K renovating a rental property? Who is writing this dribble? And why am I reading it and replying??

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