Mel Gibson's Ex Oksana Grigorieva Recording Hip-Hop Album

Oksana Grigorieva

Although she has a basic in classical music, the Russian singer wants to try a new direction for her new album.

Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva, who is also known for her bitter separation from Mel Gibson, is venturing out to the Hip-Hop realm. A representative of her has confirmed that she is planning to release new music with tracks moving on the direction of Hip-Hop and dance.

The rep, Steve Jaffe, told TMZ that Grigorieva has in fact recorded her first song, titled "Dark Secret", and is currently in the middle of shooting a music video. Jaffe added that the 42-year-old, who has classical background, is "extremely happy" with the new direction of her music. Her music will be released via iTunes in February 2013.

Grigorieva has written a song for Josh Groban, "Un dia llegara", which appeared on his "Awake" album. She also wrote the entire songs in her own album "Beautiful Heartache" which was released in 2009 and executively produced by Gibson. It was described as "grown-up, piano-led pop, heavy on classical motifs". One of the tracks, called "Say My Name", was featured in Gibson's 2010 movie "Edge of Darkness".

Grigorieva's relationship with Gibson then took another turn just three months after the birth of their daughter. She accused him of domestic violence and recorded his expletive rant in January 2010. The former lovers have since agreed on a settlement that acquires Gibson to pay her $750,000 in three separate installments.




    Dec 10, 2012

    what a lie!! Mel Gibson throw her out of the house he had let her stay for a year, in january 06, 2010, and there was no DV as oksana's own doctor testified to tyh epolice as she came the followingmorning and had absolutly no sign of strugle, no broken teeth and no mark whatsoever. Oksana consecutivly droped all charges agaisnt mel gibson as she had lied and her own son, 16, testified agaisnt his mother that Mel Gibnson didnt beat his mother but attempted to remove the baby from oksana's arms as she was shaking the baby violently, and slap her once to make her stop. Oksana never wrote beautiful heathache, it is Mel Gibson who wrote is together with 4 other songs in that album, as it is specified in the description of the eong as well as on the titles of the movie edge of darkness. She didnt recorded his expletive in janaury 2010, but in february 2010, over a month later, that she used to blackmail Mel Gibson with to obtain more money from him, and never mentioned any DV, but after may 2010 after a mediation was amde and that she had signed, she then send an email ot her laywer teling him that it was more beneficial to change direction and try with accusations of DV since Mel Gibson didnt gave her the 25 milion dolars she was after since february 2010. She did so 3 weeks after signing the mediation agreement and broke all rules from that contract, and 3 weeks later begin to publish the contaion of the recording she had made of mel gibson, by selling them for 4 milion dolars to radar online.. she also tried to sell it to TMZ harveylevi who refused to pay so much money for it. The recording were testified to have been tempered with and changed, and were droped of the case as being fake evidences in dec 2010 and january 2011 by the district attorney. Oksana droped all DV charges and all accusations in february and march 2011. She never made a civil law suote agasint mel gibson because she wil have lost it as both her entist, her doctor, her son, and mel gibson testified that she was lying. I do not think that anyone should make any form for publikcity to that disgusting woman who used a child to get to money and used the media and all men she could to get more money by lying about someone who had helped her so much and try to get him jailed so she could get all his money. She wil forever be conected to a model of lier and uglyness who systematicaly destroyed the reputatuion of mel gibson with lies thus he had helped her so much, because he had discovered that she was a lier and had lied to him about everything alos the baby who isnt his. Lucia is not mel gibosn's child and thats why grigiorieva droped out of the mediation because it was alsing for a DNA test to be made of the baby to prove paternity. But she never made it, she droped out of it before it could be done and instead accusd mel gibson of DV. Shame on her for ever.

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