'The Walking Dead' Unveils Season 3 Episode 9 Promo 'The Suicide King'

December 03, 2012 07:47:01 GMT

The zombie series just had a cliffhanger mid season finale and this promo gives fans a sneak peek at what may happen to Daryl and Merle when the show returns in February, 2013.

'The Walking Dead' Unveils Season 3 Episode 9 Promo 'The Suicide King'
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"The Walking Dead" had a lot of viewers sitting at the edge of their seats when it finished its mid season episode finale "Made to Suffer". Now, AMC has released a promo for episode 9 titled "The Suicide King". In the promo clip, fans get to see a lot of gunshots and what may happen to Daryl and Merle when the series goes back on air in February, 2013.

The short yet intriguing episode preview starts with the Governor walking through a chaotic and smoke-filled area with people running and screaming faintly in the background. There is general panic and a line from Glenn saying, "You and I can end this tonight," which hints at the idea of suicide in the title.

Meanwhile, a clip of Daryl running through the woods is a huge mind puzzle. There could be a possibility that Merle is with him in the location even if he was shown alone jumping with his signature killer bow and arrow.

As for Andrea, fans see her making her way to the prison while scenes of the Governor going out on a shooting rampage are shown. The Governor also has a foreboding line when he says, "I'm not sure where her loyalty lies."

Fans will have to wait until February 10 next year to see the different twists and turns in episode directed by Ernest Dickerson.

"Suicide King" preview:

"Suicide King" Clip #1 :

"Suicide King" Clip #2:


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posted by Dora on Jan 18, 2013
I love the walking dead!!!!
posted by Edge of seat on Dec 04, 2012
It is so annoying how andrea is always doing the silly thing. Argh! I am biting my nails waiting to see what happens. The 'takeover' idea suggests the other group don't even know there is a BABY. Which, as it turns out doesn't cry much....
posted by Anonymously Anoyyed on Dec 04, 2012
hey wtf is with how they split up the seasons. i bought it on Xbox live and the mid season 3 month wait is kind of (Extremely) shit
posted by beatslave on Dec 03, 2012
Well, I think when Glen says "what the hell is he doing here" he meant by Merle

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