Gawker Responds to Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Lawsuit

Hulk Hogan

The website believes the case should be dismissed by the judge, citing a journalistic right to publish the tape.

Hulk Hogan sex tape lawsuit is challenged by Gawker. The website is sued by the former pro wrestler for ruining his reputation by publishing portion of his steamy video, but the online outlet argues that his image was already marred when he admitted to adultery in a book he released in 2009.

The defendant additionally claimed that the sex tape was already "the subject of widespread public discussion" and details of his bedroom romp were already on the "national news" even before the video made its way out. The website also cites a journalistic right to defend their decision to publish the tape.

In the legal motion obtained by TMZ, Gawker calls the $100,000,000 lawsuit "exaggerated." The publication denies the allegations of invasion of privacy, reasoning that they didn't take part in recording the tape. They also refuse request to reveal the identity of the person who leaked the video.

In addition to naming Gawker as a defendant, Hulk sues Bubba the Love Sponge along with the woman whom he had sex with in the video, Heather Clem who's the then-wife of his former friend. The former WWE champion and the shock jock have later reached an agreement.



    Nov 03, 2012

    It's funny, Gawker tries to protect their "anonymous" source for the Hulk Hogan video and then claims that anonymity doesn't exist for a reddit source. For a logical endpoint, I hope Gawker loses their "job". Gawker made money outing the "jerk" of reddit, perhaps they can lose money from posting the same obscenities they were crying about. Unless Gawker protects the liberties of all Americans, they have no place in our society.I hope the Hulk brings them down.

    Nov 03, 2012

    Title 18 USC 2257 model release requirements are required fro erotic material prior to release. If someone put this online without getting this release they could be in serious trouble with the feds...

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