Video: Anderson Cooper Mocks Bristol Palin's 'DWTS' Meltdown

October 10, 2012 07:58:46 GMT

The 'Anderson' host calls the daughter of Sarah Palin 'a genius' for coming up with 'a storyline that made her very sympathetic.'

Video: Anderson Cooper Mocks Bristol Palin's 'DWTS' Meltdown
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Anderson Cooper didn't buy Bristol Palin's meltdown on "Dancing with the Stars" recently. The daughter of Sarah Palin had a fight with Mark Ballas accusing him of not really wanting to be her dancing partner, but the Silver Fox called the fight a ploy to win sympathy from voters.

"Anybody who's on a reality show now knows that to get attention you have to take it to another level," the CNN anchor said. "You need to have a wardrobe malfunction, you need to pass out, you need to throw up, you need to have a fight, you need to have a break down." He concluded, "You need a storyline."

In Bristol's case, Anderson mockingly praised her, "Bristol Palin is a genius, because last night she developed a storyline that made her very sympathetic." The scene was displayed on screen, showing Bristol and Mark having an argument in a rehearsal room. She cried and confronted him for being late to one of their rehearsals.

Anderson then explained one of the things that made the drama look fake. The TV host said it was the 21-year-old star's "completely frozen" facial expression that didn't match her anger and frustration. His guest co-host, Deborah Norville, agreed with him before additionally pointing out her texting and chewing gum.

During his show, the "Anderson" presenter also gave advice to Bristol and other attention seekers. "I'm thinking of starting a job fair for people," he said. "I think there's a whole bunch of people who just need to get jobs: Lindsay Lohan, Bristol Palin ... I think they just need to get some jobs, stop being on TV!"

Bristol was saved from elimination on the result show of "DTWS: All-Star" on Tuesday, October 9 despite getting the lowest score from the judges the night before. She hasn't responded to Anderson's comment, while Mark has already sent a message to anyone who criticized them, "Supporters.. Thanks you... Haters... Sticks & Stones."

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posted by Freedom on Oct 10, 2012
It's always about money. Fat, old people vote for Kristie. Young, dumb (really stupid) people vote for Bristol. The rest of us watch, admire and respect Anderson. The producers of DWTS will promote Bristol and Kristie until viewers get smart, change channels, or turn off the TV and read a book. When "old and dumb" trump talent on DWTS, the audience will vanish. DWTS is toast with me. Anderson, you rock.
posted by turtle dove on Oct 10, 2012
I agree she gets the low votes and still on can believe she is still being saved. sending home good dancers
posted by BlumpkinBandit on Oct 10, 2012
Who does Anderson Cooper think she is? She came out of the closet for media attention herself. Ms Cooper please go back into the closet and quit blaming others for the exact things you do.
posted by AKliberal on Oct 10, 2012
Tawny, you're an idiot. Anderson Cooper is one of the few people worth listening to in the media. He's smart and funny and right on as far as Bristol. The whole family is a fraud.
posted by Tawny Jones on Oct 10, 2012
Candy Andy Cooper knows all about getting emotional & crying over men. He does it often, the little creep.
posted by Bart Simpson on Oct 10, 2012
Bottom line is Bristol can't dance. She is stiff as a board from head to toe. Not being able to dance isn't a big deal, however, she enjoys using the show as a platform to play victim and garner as much camera time as possilbe. Her reality show didn't make it so she's fishing for another gig. In the meantime people with true talent are being sacrificed & sent home. Not very fair Bristol.

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