Outraged Fans React Harshly After Jack White Cut Short His Radio City Show

Jack White

The former White Stripes frontman angers fans for walking out of the stage with no reason after just 45 minutes of performance at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Concertgoers who were left disappointed after Jack White cut short his performance at Radio City Music Hall over the weekend have reacted harshly on Twitterverse. Many fans took to the micro-blogging site to express their anger over White's decision to leave the Saturday, September 29 show in New York without any explanation.

" 'Jesus Christ, is this an NPR convention?' - Jack White at Radio City," wrote an upset fan named Jessica Misener. Another one called Helene Marie Taylor angrily posted, "Hey Jack White, we followed u all over the country. U visit r home town NYC & give us this? Suck it up & play 2 yr audience u p***y."

Ryan Schimmenti tweeted, "Jack White is a s*** bag. Played for an hour and left because he's a prick. #d***licker," while Rosie Gray wrote, "People now chanting 'f*** you Jack!' at the Jack White show because he played for 40 mins and didn't do any encores." Another user, ctina, cynically added, "wow jack white, i didnt know that level of diva existed. 1 hour show? #jackwhitesux #jackwhite."

Fans' anger didn't stop there as The New York Observer reported that hundreds of irate concertgoers, who paid a minimun $40 to attend the gig, took to the streets near the venue to express their disappointment. They screamed, "F*** Jack White!" and "This is bulls***!" and returned merchandise they had purchased at the show.

Hundreds of people were reportedly flocking outside Radio City, booing and demanding explanation as to why the former The White Stripes frontman cut short his show. "Jack White kills puppie!" yelled a fan, while another one shouted, "I'm going to f*** Meg White."

Jack White abruptly stalked off the stage after just 45 minutes of performing. At first, fans thought that it was a part of the show and they remained at the venue and expected the guitarist to retake the stage. After more than 20 minutes, all of the lights were turned on and ushers began informing the crowd that the show was over.

Speculations have since run wildly as to why White left the concert. Some people reportedly said that the Michigan guitarist had heated exchanges with a shirtless man in the front row, while others added that the 37-year-old musician shouted something before walking out of the stage.

Many others speculated that White was unhappy with the response he got from the audience. "Jesus Christ, is this an NPR convention?" he asked the crowd at one point during his performance. A member of Radio City security team revealed to The Observer, "He wasn't happy with the sound. I don't know why he pulled that."

White and his publicist have yet to release any official statement regarding the incident.

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    Oct 03, 2012

    Duly noted @Sorrry for presuming "r" as "your", not "our" in "...U visit r home town NYC..."

    Oct 01, 2012

    So it would have been nice to see the Sunday to ease the pain from Sat but as it was I had to spend $180 for my ticket for Sat since the show sold out in less than 5 mins through Ticketmaster. I don't care what his excuse was from scalpers to bad sound to annoying front fans in front row. He is a professional and once he takes our $ he should play a full show.

    Oct 01, 2012

    jwelch you're an idiot. It's Helene's hometown, not Jack Whites. Jack White seems like he just lost his halo. D-bag. "I'm sorry Helene Marie Taylor (who twitted "...U visit r home town NYC..."): If you were a fan, you would of known that NY is NOT his hometown, you are a twit."

    Oct 01, 2012

    I'm sorry Helene Marie Taylor (who twitted "...U visit r home town NYC..."): If you were a fan, you would of known that NY is NOT his hometown, you are a twit. I was at both shows, and yes, I was in disbelief and disappointed Saturday night. Sunday night he rocked out with the chick-band, and part of me wonders if the guy-band Saturday night was part of the problem; last night's 1.5hr set was much tighter and did sound better than Saturday's show. JW only addressed the crowd Sunday nite to say thank you, apparently refraining from saying anything that could be thrown back at him, and had let his music speak for itself. I can't say he made up for Saturday night, as I expected both nights to rock... perhaps he's exercising his right as an artist not declaring any reason for the abrupt Saturday show. Of course we all would like to know why, but it's his right whether or not to share as to what happened. He's still an amazing musician and not going to let my disappointment stop me from continuing to listen to his music and go to his shows. xoJW

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