Lil Wayne Raps About Frank Ocean in Future's 'Turn on the Lights' Remix

Lil Wayne

'Tell her I is gay/ I ain't got now worries, no Frank Ocean, nah I'm straight,' Weezy drops his verses that may cause controversy.

It seems that Lil Wayne is asking for controversy. In a remix of Future's song "Turn on the Lights", the rap mogul gives a shout-out to Frank Ocean who recently came out as bisexual. "Tell her I is gay/ I ain't got now worries, no Frank Ocean, nah I'm straight," he spits.

In addition to dropping the Frank Ocean verses that could easily be interpreted as a diss, the Young Money MC name-drops Miley Cyrus in his other freaky rhymes. "When we get together, she be on that Miley Cyrus/ So we eat each other up like some Somalians," he raps.

Almost at the same time, Future premieres a music video for a track called "Straight Up". Both "Turn on the Lights" and "Straight Up" appear in his debut album "Pluto" that has been in stores since April this year.

"Turn on the Lights" Remix:

"Straight Up" Video:



    Sep 27, 2012

    In the part of the song you have on your site doesn't even say shit about frank ocean so I agree with ag. Be better at your job.

    Sep 17, 2012

    you got the words wrong. He says "Tell I SKATE." not "Tell her I is gay." Be better at your job.

    Sep 16, 2012

    I think lil wayne needs to go sumwhere always tlking bout somebodii to me it seems like he gay y he doin all that nd wats the point in puttin otha people names in your rap if i was frank ocean ill go on his ass Just saying

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