Deena Cortese of 'Jersey Shore' Banned From Bar That Got Her Drunk

Deena Cortese of 'Jersey Shore' Banned From Bar That Got Her Drunk

As part of deal with New Jersey's Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the reality star has agreed to stay away from Spicy Cantina & Mexican Grille.

Deena Cortese of "Jersey Shore" has cost a New Jersey bar $15,000 in fine. She was busted for drunk dancing on the streets of Seaside Heights back in June, thanks to gulping down more than she could handle at Spicy Cantina & Mexican Grille.

New Jersey's Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC) announced on Thursday, September 13 that Deena is banned from the bar for two years. DABC fined the bar for continuously serving Deena even after she was already visibly intoxicated.

Deena, who was arrested on June 10 after cops saw her dancing on the street, pleaded guilty for "failure to use the sidewalk". A camera crew for MTV reportedly was with her that day, filming every drunk moment she had including standing on a table while someone was trying to eat food. Deena was told to pay $139 in fines and apologize.



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