Singer Dev Opens Up About Leaked Sex Tape

August 28, 2012 17:52:26 GMT

Although she said she has 'more important things to think about', the singer threatens to bring any media outlets publishing the video, to court.

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Photo credit: Lia Toby/WENN

"Kiss My Lips" singer Dev has addressed the leak of her sex tape, saying she could not care less. However, she threatens any media outlets who want to publish the video, sending each of them a cease and desist letter.

"My boyfriend at the time and I were young and having fun, it was a long time ago," the 23-year-old singer told TMZ, adding "I am now a mom and engaged and have more important things to think about then someone trying to embarrass me."

The tape shows Dev in bed action with an unidentified male. Sources said it was filmed in green night vision but it was a "normal, boring sex". Dev's tattoos help to identify the celebrity inside the tape, which is now reportedly being shopped around for highest bidder.


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posted by Nyrcb on Aug 29, 2012
It is not fair when a person from the past wants to reenter your present and ruin your renewed life. This young lady is extremely talented and probably this person wants to hang to her because of her newfound fame. What a shame!

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