'Last Man Standing' Recasts Tim Allen's Eldest Daughter and More Characters

August 10, 2012 07:50:10 GMT

Amanda Fuller replaces Alexandra Krosney as Kristin Beth Baxter, and an actor is currently being sought to portray Ryan, the father of Kristin's son.

'Last Man Standing' Recasts Tim Allen's Eldest Daughter and More Characters
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"Last Man Standing" will feature several new faces when it returns for its sophomore season. According to Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Tim Doyle has decided to recast some characters, including Kristin Beth Baxter.

Originally portrayed by Alexandra Krosney, the eldest daughter of Tim Allen's Mike Baxter will next be played by Amanda Fuller, who recently guest starred on "Grey's Anatomy". Flynn Morrison will also join the cast as the 5-year-old son of Kristin, Boyd, who was previously portrayed by toddler twins Luke and Evan Kruntchev.

Additionally, the show is currently looking for an actor to replace Nick Jonas as Boyd's father Ryan. Whoever snags the role will not only recur but also represent a potential foil to Mike.

It's unclear why Doyle wants to recast these roles, but with Nick in consideration to be an "American Idol" judge, the decision to find another star to play Ryan does make sense.

"Last Man Standing" is moved to Fridays in its second season, which will debut November 2 at 8 P.M. ET.


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posted by Pookeymarket on Mar 04, 2014
Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one!!! This show is amazing! Love love loved the first season but the new daughter and her "baby daddy" mess up the whole flow. She looks too old for the part and doesn't even seem like she's part of the family. How did this director or whoever he is get his job and what was he thinking?!!!
posted by rosebud85 on Mar 04, 2013
posted by Kitt on Jan 25, 2013
I agree, I'm just now catching an ep....and this new daughter is no good. First of all, the original Kristin was a great actress and she looked like the other daughters, so its easy to believe they were sisters. Aging the son is random too....because by the time Boyd was 5, I was hoping Kristin would be in college working on getting herself together. And as for Nick....I didn't watch much last season, but like you said, he wasn't on there that much...and didn't she have a boyfriend anyway? Who served as Mike's foil? IDK if I can watch this too much longer...and I LOVED this show!
posted by frankm on Jan 04, 2013
I agree the show just does not work with the new daughter bring back the original
posted by Anouk on Dec 21, 2012
Agreed - no longer a show worth recording. Why mess with what worked?!
posted by Rusty on Dec 14, 2012
What kind of a buffoon made these changes? He should be fired and the original cast brought back.
posted by PixieG on Dec 14, 2012
Seriously, the new oldest daughter is not as good an actress as the original one. The little boy could have aged along with the show - they didn't have to suddenly make him a five year old. Nick Jonas wasn't exactly a regular, anyway. Figure out a way to bring back the original people...maybe through a dream sequence? Whatever.
posted by Curl on Dec 09, 2012
I agree...the new members of the cast are definitely a distraction rather than a positive addition. I cleared from my recording list...Last man no longer standing!
posted by benchrocks on Nov 30, 2012
I couldn't agree more! Bring back the original daughter. Fuller is no good in this role & Krosney was perfect. Why the heck was she replaced?
posted by Joe on Nov 30, 2012
Bring back Krosney to Last Man Standing. Fuller just isn't working out.

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